Dear Editor:

Last week I read Idaho Governor Brad Little’s published guest editorial entitled, “After a challenging year, Idaho education needs our support.”  A couple of points by way of response, please:

The governor began by lamenting how devastatingly, over the past year and more, COVID-19 has ravaged and stressed our entire society, and in particular, every aspect of Idaho’s system of education.  Personally, I couldn’t help but wonder, if the governor were to conduct a free and honest poll, what percentage of his constituency might agree that some of his own personal insistence and arbitrary executive policies largely served to worsen the assault suffered by all of Idaho.

I certainly do agree with the governor’s list of all of the good things he wants for Idaho’s children, for their families, and notably, for everyone involved in education.  Where I differ with him regards exactly whose right and duty it is, principally, to direct and fulfill these sacred responsibilities.

I get the distinct feeling that the several times Governor Little says “We,” he means “government,” or at least something, “government-managed.”  But consider:  Never, through all the ages, has government ever created a single school child; only living, God-infused parents do that!   Why then, Governor, can the state not simply leave parents free to decide the best form of education for the respective children divinely entrusted to them??

As has been pointed out before, “Free Education for All Children in Public Schools” is a part of the tenth plank of the Communist Manifesto. So, shall Idaho be conserved as a sovereign Constitutional Republic, or will it fall to the level of a mere vassal state under a system of global communism? 

I’d say down with Socialist/Communist indoctrination, and up with family and local true education!

Carol J. Asher


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