Dear citizens of Clearwater County:

Please do not vote for my wife, Chris St Germaine, as your County Commissioner. I know this woman, if she becomes Commissioner all she will think about is what is best for Clearwater County.  She is already much more committed to the wellbeing of our region than she is to my dinner! And if she is elected, I may not see her at all. I’ve watched Chris take on problems and secure millions of dollars to fix them. Was she successful, Yes! Did we get that nice vacation in our RV, No. Once she gets an idea and signs onto a project, she does not give up until it's a reality. She does not care whether my clothes are clean or our home is neat, she does not rest until she has done everything in her power to bring economic success to our corner of the state.  

Have you seen what she has done at Bald Mtn Ski Hill? I rest my case.

Do you think I see her during any winter weekends? I do not. She knows that that little ski hill is a recreation center of enjoyment in Clearwater County.  So, I am a bachelor until ski season is over. 

I know Chris would bring the same level of commitment and attention to the County Commission and I’m not sure I can stand to binge watch Axmen one more time waiting for her to come home. I know her better than anyone, she is relentless in her pursuit of what will benefit our county. 

I’m begging you, please do not vote for my wife. While you would have the best representation you’ve ever had, I will be subjected to four more years of my own cooking. Thank you for considering my needs over those of Clearwater County.

Sam Allen


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