Dear Editor:

Under a Biden Administration, the future looks bleak and the prospect of nationwide lockdowns and continuing restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic loom large. From what was originally sluffed off by the Democrats (come on down to Chinatown) has grown into their “cause celebre” to use as leverage to control America with fear.

But there are many renowned infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists from around the world who recognize the damaging social, physical and mental health impacts of many prevailing policies, and favor an approach called Focused Protection.

Rather than locking up our economy and society, these doctors recommend that those who are not vulnerable should immediately be allowed to continue life as normal, with a few disinfecting precautions. Schools and universities should be open for in-person teaching. 

Extracurricular activities should be resumed. Young low-risk adults should work normally. Restaurants and other businesses should open. Arts, music, sport and other cultural events should return.

It is imperative that our residents know the facts and you can find out more from The Great Barrington Declaration at and see the names of almost 50,000 health professionals and about 700,000 concerned citizens who advocate a better direction.

There is a lot of anxiety and apprehension out there and a lot of misinformation feeding it.  I doubt it will get better under a Biden/Harris presidency.

Dennis Fuller


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Dear Mr. Fuller;

Respectfully, the current Covid restrictions in Idaho are occurring under a Conservative Idaho Republican Administration and Congress. The virus is so out -of-control in Idaho that Oregon has a lower infection and death rate currently and Idaho has a Stage 2 10 person gathering restriction in affect.

We are at almost a 9/11 death rate A DAY from this invisible enemy so it would not be wise to surrender until the vaccinations have been widely distributed which means a few more months of trying to prevent the spread.

The question becomes, "Can we help each other thru this challenge?"

To this end restarting schools in a safe way is a priority- it will help parents and children, but it needs to be safe for teachers and administrators. The other things are tough to do in this environment, but the good news is vaccines are on the way so we may only have 4-6 months to make it!

Let's remember how American patriots met shared challenges in the past- Rationing and Victory Gardens, donating blood and in general looking out for each other.

I voted for Biden/Harris and I am glad they won, but I also want to work with you and my neighbors to get thru this time helping each other.

With regards,


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