Dear Editor:

My personal opinion of course, but about our College Avenue Street being turned into a plaza, certain times of the day parking is impossible to find. This makes it difficult to be able to walk our Johnson Avenue to shop or pay bills, or eat at one of our cafes, go to the beauty shop, or have a social drink at one of our bars.

We’re not Lewiston, our shopping area is only about two blocks long, and every inch of parking is precious.

Six thousand dollars for four tables with umbrellas is outrageous, $1500 each, are they gold plated? Who’s going to retrieve and fold down the umbrellas when the wind is blowing?

Who’s going to clean the tables and what about toilets? There’s nothing more repulsive than smelling a porta potty. People will be going to the cafes or bars or park.

Speaking of the park, you can look straight down the street of the proposed plaza to our beautiful park that has everything—it has tables and toilets, drinking fountain, green grass and a place to barbecue. It has a place for children to play and shade trees. In the winter it is decorated.

There’s a vacant area between the Clearwater Realty and Suddenlink offices that wouldn’t interfere with our parking.

Kathy Bonaparte


(Editor’s note: There was a discussion on Facebook recently about the location of the plaza. It was suggested that the Clearwater Tribune ask for input on it. We would like to hear from our readers. What do you think of the idea, the location, set up, etc. Send your letter, with your name included, to us at or mail it to P.O. Box 71, Orofino 83544.)

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