Dear Editor:

I’ve been a victim for quite some time now. My set of keys to my van was gone and the people that took them on Aug. 10, 2020 refuse to give them back. I told the sheriff department and they will not do anything about it. Instead they took me to the hospital to be checked out and took me to jail overnight.

This took place on Aug. 10 late afternoon, and then late July this year this person of Ahsahka, Idaho took my van battery. I wanted to file a police report and report it stolen but the police won’t do anything about it either. Instead this person is going to have her boyfriend lie for her too.

They’re going to tell the police I gave her the battery. Why would I give my battery away that goes to my van. So the police are going to take their word over mine. So in other words the police are going to let her keep my stolen battery that she had stolen from me. I want my battery back that she stole or the $150 now.

Then on the 13th day of Aug. couple days after I got out of jail two officers come to my door and started beating on it so hard that I thought they were going to beat it in. They treat me like I was some bad criminal instead of a victim.

I would like everyone who reads the article in this paper don’t be a victim like I am. This is the truth and nothing but the truth and so help me God. I go to church and I’m a Christian and I believe in God.

William Joaman


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