Dear Editor:

We have lived in the same house for thirty years, but the past year has been somewhat difficult because of other people’s dogs.

Our house is located on over an acre of land in the Riverside area, which is in the City limits of Orofino. Although we have no pets -- a change from our years of raising children among our dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits -- we now have a number of neighbors who do not keep their pets at home.

We are constantly being barked at by neighboring dogs on our property.  And we are constantly taking a shovel to the task of picking up other people’s dog’s excrement from our lawn.

We have read the City Code Chapter 3, section 6, 1-8, which deals with animals at large and animals who are a nuisance to others.  Last year we actually reported the situation to the Orofino City Police, who, we understand, spoke with one of the owners of the dogs.

During the recent Covid-19 pandemic, many people became pet owners to help alleviate the limitations on human socialization placed on us by the pandemic.  But pet owners must also be responsible neighbors.

Merk and Lin Cannell


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