Dear Editor:

The Clearwater County Republican Party has three candidates to choose from in the upcoming May 19th primary election.

As a long-time Clearwater County citizen, I strongly recommend from among those names Mr. Dennis Fuller. Considering present economic conditions and the particular situation in Clearwater County, I believe Mr. Fuller best fits the needs of our county.

Following are my reasons why:

Fuller has the strongest business background and experience. He has the best understanding of economics, budgets and finance due to his long experience crunching numbers in the insurance industry. Clearwater County needs his expertise in order to navigate the present particularly difficult challenge to manage the funding of basic needs with limited resources.

Fuller has superior communication skills. He is very articulate, fluent and eloquent. If anyone could convince “higher-ups” to consider alternatives, Mr. Fuller is the one who can do it.

Fuller has the strongest personality of the three candidates in my opinion. He commands respect and is no one’s fool. He knows how to tactfully and cooperatively work with people while resisting being pushed around.

Fuller is a strong leader and knows how to get things done. He has accomplished a lot of good voluntary things for our community, schools and youth already.

Fuller thinks outside the box and has proposed new, real and visionary solutions for our county’s problems.

Thank you for considering Dennis Fuller who I think would make an outstanding commissioner.

Hank Carpenter


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