Dear Editor:

When I look at the dozen or so abnormally thin deer in the adjacent vacant land I wonder what chances they have of making it through the winter. At this time of year deer should be fat before heading into the lean winter season. Instead I can count their ribs and their lean hind quarters don’t look strong enough to escape any predator.

This year’s young wobble about with little of the exuberance displayed by healthy young deer in the wild. But not to worry, here in Orofino the only predators these city deer have to be alert for are cars traveling city streets, and oh yes, starvation.

Because there are no predators inside the city the deer population has boomed and the only control method is starvation. I suspect that death by starvation is not a pleasant way to go, even for a deer.

If these deer were dogs or horses owned by someone the owner would be hauled to court for animal cruelty. 

Who, I wonder is responsible for the cruelly to these animals? By refusing to limit the number of animals to what the land can support we have inflicted a cruel and lingering death for many of these animals.

Do my fellow citizens enjoy watching their suffering and lingering deaths? Why do they not prefer to see fewer but healthier deer? 

Has a city ever been sued for animal cruelty?

Charles H Raddon,


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