Dear Editor:

The government narrative about “Covid” and masks is fraught with inconsistencies, error and censorship.

In March NIAID director, Dr. Fauci, stated face masks were not necessary for the general population and they don’t provide the protection folks believe they do and might create “unintended consequences.”

OSHA regulations do not consider cloth masks PPE (personal protective equipment) and state they “will not protect the wearer against airborne transmissible infectious agents.”

In April Fauchi said that the general public should be wearing cloth masks if they cannot keep a safe distance from others. Why the flip-flop? He admitted lying to the public, so health care providers would not run out of masks. So, now the mantra is wear a mask or you will cause people to die.

The CDC admits that 94% of the reported deaths listed as “Covid” involved other life threatening diseases. Only 6% have died with “Covid” only. On top of that, the death records are seriously questionable.

No testing is even required to list a death as “Covid”. The government is paying doctors and hospitals to list deaths as “Covid”!

Many doctors, scientists and researchers opinions are at odds with the official narrative (visit Their character has been assassinated and they are being censored. Why?

This would be laughable if not for all the suffering, death, economic destruction, psychological damage and loss of freedoms being caused.

This operation is not about health and safety but serves a much darker agenda.

Jay Maxwell


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Dear Mr. Maxwell,

There is no inconsistency if you go to the contemporary comments and context of the March statement- In early March the transmission method was not well understood (remember cleaning boxes and groceries?). It wasn't until April 3rd that the CDC reversed that and recommended public mask wearing. Also in March there were extreme shortages of masks and other PPE so Dr. Fauci did not want anyone other than first responders or healthcare personnel getting them at that time. Masks as they are used by the public are not to protect the wearer, they are used to protect everyone else if YOU are infected.

Covid is real. Covid kills. If every American gets it statistically we will suffer over 8 million deaths and much more suffering since you don't need to die to be seriously sick and have a permanent pre-existing condition by contracting it.


M. Veine

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