Dear Editor:

I have lived in Clearwater County for forty years. Until the last few years Sunnyside Road and Old Peck Grade has served us well.

Now there is so little gravel on them that around 25% of the roads are bare ground, no gravel.

The last spring rain has made these roads so bad that we have ruts three and four inches deep and one man almost went over the side because of the muddy road.

To pave them would be great, but not necessary. A complete cover of 2” base rock applied when it is wet to be pounded in, and then some smaller rock would at least hold the surface together. It would also help all the oversize chuckholes.

I do not like to complain like this, but if something isn’t done we are going to lose these roads. Are we going to wait till the disaster hits all at once, and the cost will hurt the whole community?

John Gilliam


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