Dear Editor:

Regarding the Franchise Fee ballot measure included in the upcoming election, I urge voters to VOTE NO to defeat this unfair fee increase to be levied against the residents only in the Konkolville area. Idaho Statutes, Title 50, Chapter 3, 50-329A (a) states, “Franchise fees assessed by cities….shall not exceed one percent (1%)….without the consent of the public service provider or the approval of a majority of voters…” The cities ballot measure is misleading as it omits any reference to the statutory limit of one percent.

The city previously contacted Clearwater Power, our public service provider, requesting the higher fee of 3%, but Clearwater Power disapproved the fee increase as it was “not in the customers’ best interest”.

The city is now attempting to over-ride Clearwater Power’s’ denial of the fee increase, by ballot measure, which will be voted on by the entire city, not just those who will be affected by the higher fee. Over 90% of city voters will decide whether or not Konkolville residents will be required to pay triple the amount established by State law!

Unfair? You bet it is! The city of Orofino already has one of the highest tax levy rates and fees schedules in the state of Idaho. VOTE NO to help curb the city’s tax and spend culture!

Lanny White


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