Dear Editor:

Thomas Paine spoke of “Common Sense” in his pamphlet, in January of 1776. It put forth the basic ideas, where man is FREE to go about his life without government interference. Are we back to the same situation we were in, in 1776? Where government is controlling our basic life food, work, religious meetings, social gatherings?

As we have learned the models that were used to create this panic were way out of whack, but main stream TV and The Associated Press continue their propaganda, preaching PANIC, PANIC, PANIC! The original models predicted 100k dead, now they are down to 60K, in reality they will be much lower.

Five States have not ordered a lock down and their cases of COVID-19 are in line with most states (New York being the exception). Does Governor Brad Little expect to cure the virus by shutting down our economy? Does he think this virus will just disappear? Equating our situation to New York City is insane. Still, as of this day (April 11, 2020), no cases in Clearwater or Lewis counties. I wish Brad Little would take a Common Sense Pill.

To believe that the U.S. government will fix everything is preposterous. If Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the Socialists have their way, the U.S. Government will be broke too. To think that all these businesses that go broke will come back is insane. Small towns can ill afford these shut downs.

If the governor won’t relent, I urge business owners to open the doors, get back to business as usual. It’s been 17 days that businesses have been shuttered, for what? What has been accomplished? NOTHING!


Michael Gormley


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