Dear Editor:

The time has come to stand up against tyranny. I don’t know where our elected leaders are, especially our federal delegation, Crapo, Risch, Simpson, for now I’ll give Fulcher a pass, but why they aren’t fighting harder against this administration is inexcusable! The conclusion is we may be on our own.

So what to do? Well we the people are the ones actually in charge. When Biden mandates employees, federal AND private, take a shot despite their objections, it is us, the supervisors, managers and doctors that have the free will and spirit to disobey.

What are they going to do to us? Threaten termination? Probably. But “they” are the Washington bureaucrats and the “us” are the local residents. The “us” are the actual decision makers. We have the power but only if we act in mass and support thy neighbor.

If in mass we push back the feds options are limited. If you’re a manager, defy the mandate and to everyone else, support these people. Let it be known regardless who sits in that chair, we will not comply.

Careers are at stake and we must hold the line. It’s time to organize and for everyone to come together, ordinary citizens, community leaders, elected officials, law enforcement, EVERYONE.

The federal government cannot combat a unified citizenry, they can however pick us off one at a time. In the words of Winston Churchill “never give in, never give in, never, never, never…”

Let’s get together!

Jason Hollibaugh


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Nice thoughts, like would we be making a "Union"? Idaho is a severe 'Right to Work' State so I would expect that any employer, including the Feds have the Right to impose mask and vaccine mandates- kind of like you got to wear PPE in many jobs. If they don't protect their workers from Covid they could be sued by litigious labor lawyers so it is for the companies protection for sure.

Apparently, 14 good citizens of Orofino have already died (more probably since early on the deaths were attributed to pneumonia or respiratory failure) so a lawyer could argue the risks were known. Cha-Ching!

Instead of complaining let's just get with the program and lick this thing !

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