Dear Editor:

I’ve not written a letter to the editor before, however, after attending the July 9 Board meeting of the Clearwater County Free Library District, I am confused and concerned by the following actions and want others to know what I observed.

First, the blindside agenda item of The District hiring an accountant @ $600 per month, when after 53 years of operation there has never been the need for this $7,200 additional expenditure added to the budget. This money could better be spent on books, DVDs, computers and other library services.

Thanks to the vote of trustees Kim Cox, Anne Lozar and Rosan Monaghan this issue was tabled, and not added to the FY2020 budget. This hiring an accountant discussion happened just moments after last year’s audit report was presented by Jordan Zwygart, CPA. The clean audit indicated all finance matters were correctly recorded, accounted for, and fully vetted. With the audit now reviewed by the Idaho State Legislative office, there is no chance of error or omission.

Second, my concern arose during the bookkeeper discussion, when the Board Chair and a Trustee read aloud an article of corruption by a city clerk in Washington, and insinuating and suggesting that it could happen here. With discussion continuing, they mentioned current personnel by name, with limiting job requirements and certain banking procedures.

Such personnel discussion and issues clearly belong in executive session meetings and should never have been allowed to continue under a public meeting.

This entire inappropriate discussion was summed up by a former trustee that was in attendance, as totally wrong and bordering on evil intent against the District Director.

Over the course of 20 years, the District Library Director has proven her ability to lead, guide, direct, budget, program, staff, seek and administer grants, not only resulting in State and National Awards for Best Library, but making sure the Library is meeting the needs of local patrons.

Finally, after just recently receiving Clearwater Memorial Public Library’s amendments and suggestions to the proposed contract, the contract library agreement remains unsigned and unapproved by either CCFLD Board or the CMPL Board.

Still, the appropriated expense of $212,000 was put in the budget for contract library services. Also noted is that the contract services appropriation has increased by more than $30,000 over last year’s contract amount. Can the District sustain such an increase?

Guess comments, suggestions and input at the budget hearing in August will provide the answer.

Marge Kuchynka


Resident of Clearwater County Free Library District

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