Dear Editor:

Over the past few weeks, I have had six mature plants removed from the terraced area of my backyard. I initially thought that some animal may have been involved or the plants just died, but if this were the case, there would still be some portion of the plant or root remaining, of which there isn’t.

Three of these plants were yellow day lilies, and the other three were a burgundy and green colored leafy plant with flowering spikes.

If anyone has been approached about purchasing such plants, have seen these suddenly appear in someone’s yard, or witnessed someone removing plants from my backyard, would you do me the favor by notifying the police? A police report has already been submitted regarding this situation and my address is 1270 Michigan Avenue.

The other reason for this notification is to make the public aware of what has happened to me, and this could easily happen to others. Not only does this destroy the appearance of a garden but plants are also expensive to replace. Maybe we can work together to stop this from happening to someone else.

Carmen Coty


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