Dear Editor:

I have expressed my opinion many times on these pages and have taken justifiable positions on subjects as varied as our immigration invasion and the climate change hoax - to eliminating Daylight Saving Time or seeking additional county revenue streams.  Many would say that asking to get politics out of education and education off our tax bill is my most radical belief yet. 

Another radical suggestion at the time was the Declaration of Independence.  To liberate American education from the bondage of a self-serving, expensive, and unwieldy Federal bureaucracy is, in effect, a declaration of educational independence.  Just as our founding fathers insisted on a separation of church and state, so we call for a separation of school and state.

I know it is difficult to grasp the concept of Free Enterprise Education (FEE), but I ask folks to keep an open mind and seriously consider a common-sense solution to a problem that must be solved now if we want to keep the learner and the taxpayer in mind.

Currently, Public Education is a monopoly operated with virtually the same efficiency as the US Bureau of Land Management (with its 400 billion dollars in maintenance backlogs).  Under the FEE system, where schooling becomes another commodity competing in the open marketplace, expenditures are trimmed while a quality product is provided in order to compete successfully. 

If students and parents could control education - rather than an entrenched, appointed bureaucrat - we would quickly see American education march to a more disciplined, quality assured, and cost-effective drummer. 

Dennis Fuller


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