Dear Editor:

I strongly support Don Ebert for Clearwater County Commissioner. I believe he is clearly the best candidate due to his time serving, living, and working in Clearwater County in many positive ways: his honesty, integrity, progressive values, a strong work ethic, and his unceasing efforts to make a difference for Clearwater County. The decisions made by our county commissioners effect our daily lives, whether it’s providing the essential services we all rely on or creating economic opportunities for our county or ensuring our safety. Having someone in the commissioner chair that embodies those values and realizes their worth is irreplaceable. It is actions not words that speak volumes of Don’s character.

Sometimes people lose focus on the Candidate and vote party only. That is very unfortunate because we need to pay more attention to the qualifications of the individual running for office.

Don Ebert is the right person to continue taking care of the needs of Clearwater County. He has the experience, knowledge, and the willpower to continue to make a difference!

Don has a reputation of always having our county and its citizens’ best interests in mind. I am confident that Don will continue to make solid, informed, fair, and caring decisions.

Don’s experience with county government, coupled with his commitment to serve our citizens, makes him an outstanding choice to continue to represent us as our county commissioner.

Don Ebert understands these responsibilities, he’s the kind of leader we can trust, the kind of leader we can count on!

Vote Don Ebert, Clearwater County Commissioner

 Debbie Haskins


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