When an Early Copy is required and there is only three days to gather the news; we column reporters do our best to report what is happening in our area.

On Wednesday, Aug. 28, we drove over to Blanche and Vern Kinney’s to pick up our order of peaches. On our way, we observed combines harvesting wheat and the work at Texas Creek. I didn’t have my camera with us so we continued on home and put the peaches in the basement then returned to take photographs for this column.

The construction work at HWY 11 and Green Road is being handled by LaRiviere Incorporated, a private owned company located in Coeur d’Alene. It is categorized under land preparation and construction, established in 2007. They are working on the south side of HWY 11, stabilizing a temporary road base which will be used as they work on replacing the bridge.

Instead of a flagman, traffic is controlled by a stop light arrangement similar to the one at the Greer Bridge. We visited with the project manager, Tom Haroldsen, who filled us in on the estimated time of completion which will be some time in October. He appreciated the patience of the drivers as they wait at the traffic light. The company will be working extra hours and weekends to get the job completed. Drive carefully in the construction area, and give the workers a wave as you continue on your way.

After we left the project at Texas Creek we stopped to watch the combines on Stuart Road. The Brown Farm was harvesting soft white wheat, their semi-truck then moved to a new location in the field so the grain cart could empty its load of grain. It is always fascinating to watch their huge equipment during harvest, especially when they work late into the night. All you can see is the lights moving through the fields, at this time of year they do work long hours.

We have been canning apple sauce for the past several days and not that the self in the canning room is full we decided to give the rest of the apples away.

School is back in session as of Wednesday, Aug. 28. Monday through Thursday the school bus passes by our farm at 6 a.m. to pick up the students for Timberline Schools.

Have you decided what to enter in the Clearwater County Fair? The exhibit building is always filled with entries; maybe you will be awarded a Blue Ribbon for your project. See you at the fair and the Lumberjack parade and festivities.

Happy Birthday Greetings:

Steve and Carol Green send greetings to their granddaughter, Hadley Green on Sept. 13. Peggy and Reggie Ball send greetings to Peggy’s sister, Robin Marquis on Sept. 14. Robin and her husband, Steve, live at Fairbanks, AK. Happy Birthday to Steve Brand on Sept. 15.

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