Fraser News - 4 generation

FOUR GENERATIONS--Justin Bennett holding Jean’s great granddaughter Savannah, Brian Bennett and Jean Bennett.

On Thursday, Sept. 5, a rain shower droped 2/10ths of an inch of rain on our community and showers continued to fall the next day. After one sunny day Mother Nature opened up her sprinkling system and we were blessed with moisture on Sunday and Monday. By the end of the day the gage had topped out at 6/10ths of an inch of rain. It feels like we are headed for an early fall as night time temperatures continue in the 50 degree range. We woke up to 44 degrees on Tuesday, a heavy fog covered Fraser, and almost all the way down Greer Grade.

Jean Bennett recently traveled to Rainier, OR to visit her son Brian and his family, and she had the pleasure of meeting her first great granddaughter Savannah Bennett. She is the granddaughter of Jean’s son Brian and his wife Debbie and the daughter of Justin Bennett and his wife.

While Jean was in Oregon she also visited with her grandson Ryan Kauffman who traveled to Oregon from his home in Brazil. He is married to Ally and teaches English at one of the local schools. The families enjoyed a great visit before Jean returned to Idaho and Ryan flew back to Brazil.

In the Aug. 21 column I mentioned that Orofino Mayor Joe Pippenger presented Betty Burnham with a plaque commemorating her many years of volunteer service. I did add a correction in Aug. 28 issue but this information did not appear in that column. Betty had telephoned me about who the present mayor is. Now Joe may have been happy to do the presentation but the honor goes to Ryan Smathers. This was very evident in last week’s issue of the Clearwater Tribune as the photograph of Betty and Ryan was featured on the front page. It’s great to be recognized for all those years of volunteer service, “Congratulations” again Betty.

Several lots have been sold in the Fraser Pines subdivision. We looked over the area before heading to Cyndy’s Coffee in Weippe on Monday. The County Deeds published in the Clearwater Tribune listed the Warranty Deed from Jeffery B Richardson and Janice E Richardson on Lot 14 to Korry Holtzlander on Aug. 16. On Aug. 19 a Warranty Deed was issued from Jeffery B Richardson and Janet E Richardson to Brian Boquist and Peggy Boquist for lot 11. On the web site for Northwest RURAL Properties lots 10, 13, and 16 have also been sold.

The crews are working on the construction site at Highway 11 and Green Road. Traffic is now using the temporary road on the south side of the highway. The black top surface has been removed. If weather will co-operate this project will be completed some time in October.

On Tuesday morning the new cement box culvert was being transported to the job site. We were driving through Greer at the time and observed two semi trucks with the equipment on board.

The Brown Farm finished combining the wheat and the barley before the rains started. Now it’s time to get the fields ready for the next season. They edged the fields with the big low bottom plow on Monday. When the stubble dries out they will burn the fields.

The Lumberjack Days and the Clearwater County Fair will be held this week end. We always enjoy the parade on Saturday and then walk through the exhibit barn and the livestock barn.

I have enjoyed the Happenings on the Hilltop column since Sirenna Smith took over for Judy O’Brien. I visited with Judy on Monday and she is pleased that Sirenna wanted to take over the column. Keep up the good work.

Happy Birthday greetings go out to Lanis Aultz on Sept. 21.

Kirk and Rhonda Grangewer send Happy Anniversary to Jessica and Jeremy Squires on Sept. 23.

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