The Brown Family Farm has been busy during the past week. After the stubble had been burnt, the harrowing equipment was used to prepare the fields for the seeding process. It is always interesting to watch the hydraulic features on their large harrow cart unfold and then move through the fields around our farm.

The Fraser Community has been blessed with several showers over the last several days. There was 2/10ths of an inch of rain in our gage on Monday. The cloudy weather and cooler temperatures certainly has made a difference as the farmers work to get the winter wheat planted.

Steve and I enjoyed a visit from my sister, Delores Franck and her daughter, Linda. They arrived on Monday, Sept. 16. The next morning we drove to Orofino to deliver the Fraser News to the Clearwater Tribune and then had breakfast at the Ponderosa Restaurant. Later Delores, Linda and I made a trip to McCall.

Delores’s granddaughter, Janice Franck is working as a bookkeeper for the Tamarack Resort near Donnelly, Idaho. Janice and her friend, Logan Staub, treated us to dinner at the Lardo Grill and Saloon before we settled into our room at the Best Western Motel for the night.

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast at the motel and then drove to Lake Fork to visit with Logan at his family’s business, Ed Staub and Sons Propane Company. Delores had some questions about a new propane heater for her house and Logan gave her information to look over.

Next we drove to the Tamarack Resort to visit with Janice; she took us on a tour of the Resort. The newly-formed company Tamarack Resort Holdings is owned by Imperium Blue, a joint venture between MMG Equity Partners, The Imperium companies and Blue River Family Offices. The new owners plan to finish the partially completed resort and are targeting the completion of the majority of the work for the 2019-2020 Ski Season.

After the tour we drove back to Fraser.

On Thursday, the three of us spent the day making pear preserves, and then on Friday, Delores and Linda returned to their homes in Montana.

On Sunday, Sept. 29, the Faith Lutheran Church in Pierce invites everyone to the 10 a.m. morning worship service. Laura Kress of Orofino, who is with the Crown of Glory Ministries, will give a presentation on their recent mission trip to Uganda. For more information call Nancy Maki at 208-464-2463.

Loretta Judd called on Monday to bring us up to date on the Celebration of Life for Carol Green. Carol passed away on Sept. 14 at 3 a.m. I had reported that it was Sept. 13 in last week’s column. A potluck celebration will be held on Saturday, Oct. 19, at 12 noon, at the cabin near the Deyo Reservoir. The meat will be provided for by the family. Everyone is to bring their favorite foods to share.

Loretta attended her 45th class reunion which was held at the Pink House Pavilion on the evening of Friday, Sept. 20 and Saturday, Sept 21. Neil and Sherry Brown also attended the reunion.

Our neighbors have shared the abundance of veggies from their gardens; Marge and Craig Comstock brought over yellow tomatoes and green beans.

Sherry Schlader shared several zucchinis. I processed the tomatoes into a tasty marinara sauce and zucchini will be frozen to make chocolate cake and parmesan bread. I have shared our abundance of pear with our neighbors and with Dan from Guardian Heating. Dan came to install new metal heating ducts that are connected to our electric furnace. Now it can be used to heat our house this winter.

The Hilltop Heritage Museum will hold a baked food fundraiser sale on Wednesday, Sept. 25. They will set up the tables between the Rebekah Lodge and the Elk Horn Bar, if the weather will permit. Otherwise it will be held at the Museum. Members are asked to donate their yummiest goodies for the sale.

Several of our Fraser residents were featured in last weeks Clearwater Tribune: Abby Brown’s Grand Champion Beef, ”Butch” was purchased by John Larson Logging; Breyer Boyer’s Grand Champion Market Swine was purchased by Al Jones of Riverside Laundry and Carwash; and Clearwater Valley Hospital and Clinic won the bid for Macoy Boyer’s Reserve Champion Market Swine.

The 2019 OCI Championship Log Load Trophy was presented to Aaron Walker of Walker Enterprise. Aaron and his brother Jonathan were pictured with the OCI co-chairpersons Billie Lee and Tammy Davis and are former residents of the Fraser Community.

The Fraser community sends Happy Birthday Greetings to Mike McHone on Oct. 3, to Peggy Ball and Jerry Linville on Oct. 6 and Jeniffer Robinson on Oct. 8.

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