Old Man Winter made his presences felt in the Fraser Community on the night of Nov. 24. When we woke up on Monday morning there was a light skiff of snow on the ground. The overnight temperature was 32 degrees and the skies were cloudy.

The NOAA weather forecast predicted some snow and colder weather for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. It looks like our beautiful autumn days have come to an end and winter is going to settle in. A covering of the white stuff should get us in the mood for the Christmas season which is coming up fast.

The fact that thanksgiving falls in the last week of November this year makes me realize that I don’t have as much time to get the house decorated for Christmas. I checked my Day-Timer’s for the past 10 years and discovered that Thanksgiving occurred in the last week in November in 2013 and 2014. No wonder I feel rushed this year. I can’t imagine that age has anything to do with it!

This year I did get the outside Christmas lights up while the weather was warm. Now all that is required is to flip the switch and the colorful light will light up the darkness. This is a tradition I have always enjoyed and I hope it cheers others up as they drive by our farm.

My sister, Delores, lives on a ranch near Livingston, MT. She has a tradition of putting up a Charlie Brown Christmas tree near their old log barn. The warm cheerful lights on the tree give the dark night a special festive touch to those who drive by. Neighbors hope she will continue to keep this tradition alive.

Do any readers of this column have special traditions they would like to share with everyone?

The Weippe Friends of the Library invited Sherry Schlader to hold a Fresh Wreath class at the library on Saturday, Nov. 16. Sherry gave eight gals instructions and by the end of the class the wreaths were finished. What could be more fun? Now they can show off their creations during the coming Holiday Season!

Nichole and Lawson Jared and their family reserved the Fraser Community Center on Nov. 23 to celebrate the eleventh birthday of Justin Stuart. Steve Brand built the fire in the wood stove so the building would be toasty warm when everyone arrived.

Donna Brown reserved the Fraser Community Center for her sorority meeting on Monday, Nov. 25. Her daughter Danette and her family arrived at the farm over the weekend and Danette helped set up the building for the meeting.

Happy Birthday Greetings go out to Scott Musgrave on Dec. 6, and to Norma Brand on Dec. 7.

Happy Anniversary Greetings go out to Derek and Caress Brown on Dec. 7.

The Fraser Community sends “Happy Thanksgiving” greetings to everyone near and far.

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