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Thanksgiving Greetings from the Fraser Community. Photo by Norma Brand

The temperatures during the day have remained in the 38 - 41 degree range.

We did wake up to a white world last Wednesday and then on Thursday we had a variety of weather patterns consisting of fog, rain and snow. The weather did stabilize on Monday of this week. The sun came out and we enjoyed a beautiful autumn day, but the NOAA forecast is for inclement weather to return.

Sure enough, we woke up Tuesday morning to snow falling and the ground starting to turn white. If you are traveling on Thanksgiving Day, be sure to drive carefully. The Fraser Community sends “Thankful Greetings” to you and your family as you enjoy spending time together.

The photo that appears with this week’s column was taken by me, it shows two gifts that were given was a sign from my secret sister. I treasure both of them and it reminds me to be grateful for the gifts of family, friends and our community. Happy Thanksgiving.

I touched base with a number of residents here in the Fraser Community to hear what they have planned for the holiday.

Donna Brown reported that their daughter Danette McIntosh, her husband Josh and children Grace, Amelia and Aaron arrived at the farm over the weekend. Donna and Danette planned to do some baking on Monday and Grace and Amelia were going to help. The family will have Thanksgiving dinner with her and Danny and then travel to Pierce to spend the evening with Josh’s family.

Marie and Gerry Armitage’s family will spend the day at the farm. They plan to bring the fixings for the meal so Mom and Dad won’t have to fix anything.

Marie reported she is recovering from her surgery and is looking forward to visiting with everyone.

Wanda and Dave Strong have invited their family to spend the day with them. Wanda plans to hold the dinner at her Dad’s house. The family will bring the pies, and their favorite dishes to share.

Kirk and Rhonda Grangewer, Jessica and Jeremy Squires and their daughters, Lexi and Allison, and Josh and Sami Stuart and their children, Addy and Blake, will have time to visit as they share all the tasty food.

Tammy and Jeff Sauter’s son and two grandchildren will spend the holiday at their home on Stuart Road.

Peggy and Reggie Ball have been invited to spend the day in Kamiah with their son Randy and his wife Carrie and Carrie’s parents.

I visited with Loretta Judd to hear what she planned to do for the holiday. She has been busy baking her famous pumpkin cheesecakes for the orders she received. She also asked me a trivia question about where the Green families’ shredder to make sauerkraut came from. Her cousin Wilma Green has possession of the shredder and continues to make homemade sauerkraut.

Loretta has asked this question. So far it remains a mystery. Anyone who has the answer to this trivia question give Loretta a call.

Sharon and Mike McHone will have dinner at their home. Their son Jeff, Heather Green and their children, Braxton and Jayce, will join them. Their granddaughter Leigha Peebles and her friend had planned to attend but they have come down with sore throats and probably won’t make the trip.

Steve and I plan to bake a half of a turkey and make all the trimming to go with it. Steve will make his families traditional spicy squash pie and we will bake the North Georgia sugar squash that our neighbor gave us.

Two windstorms eventually took it’s tole on the Autumn Blaze Maple tree we planted by the back porch. The main trunk had been broken off twice and we decided to take it out and plant a new one. The task of removing the root required lots of digging. Charlie Berreth even used his power saw to cut the roots but it still wouldn’t move.

We dug more dirt and it finally broke free with the assistance of the JD Tractor. There is now another 16 foot Autumn Blaze Maple in it’s place, purchased from Green Things in Orofino. The trunk of this tree has only one leader so it should be able to stand up to any strong wind.

Rhonda and Kirk Grangewer send Happy Birthday Greetings to their grandson Liam Opresik on Nov. 29.

Happy Birthday Greetings go out to Dolores Watson on Nov. 29.

Happy Anniversary Greetings go out to Mark and Karen Fowler on Nov. 27.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and share your “what you are grateful for” with everyone.

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