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Spring field work has started at the Brown Family Farm.

A longtime resident of the Fraser Community, Bill Jackson passed away on Saturday, May 11 at the Holy Family Hospital in Spokane.

The family is planning to hold a Celebration of Life at the Fraser Community Center, 10872 Highway 11, on Saturday, May 18 at 11 a.m. Bill will then be interred at Weippe Cemetery after which everyone is invited to return to the Fraser Community Center for a potluck dinner. The family will provide the meat and everyone is asked to bring a covered dish or dessert to share.

I searched through my hard copies of the Fraser News and found the article I wrote about Bill’s wife, Donna, who passed away on March 22, 2014. This article included photographs of Donna, Bill and their family plus the friends that attended the memorial dinner for Donna after the service.

The Brown Farm has been busy with the spring field work. They have seeded the spring wheat and fertilized and sprayed the fields. Another year of farm work has begun; if all goes well, and Mother Nature gives her blessings, a good harvest will be the results.

The Fraser Get Together Club held their regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, May 8. The hostesses were Tammy Sauter and Dolores Watson, Lunch consisted of chicken enchiladas, rice, taco salad, cornmeal muffins, and for dessert everyone enjoyed cheese cake and coconut cake. Rosena Aultz brought her daughter, Emily Condor and her five children for lunch.

Emily graduated from Timberline Schools; after she married Brian Condor they moved out of state and just recently returned to Idaho. Welcome back Emily. The meeting was called to order and the minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved and the treasurer gave her report.

The club will sponsor the Father’s Day Breakfast again this year on Sunday, June 16 from 8 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. Discussion was held and plans were made for this event. The menu will be pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausages, biscuits, sausage gravy, orange juice, coffee and tea.

The theme for the meeting was Mother’s Day and Norma Brand won the prize for the Mother with the oldest child. The White Elephant was won by Dawn Cloin. Secret Sister Gifts were opened and shared.

Linda Beard shared grapefruit and lemons from their trees in Sun City West, AZ. The next meeting will be held on June 12.

The weather on Mother’s Day was sunny; it was perfect for all the family gatherings. Steve and I enjoyed breakfast on our back porch; the Lemon Nut Muffins made from a huge lemon from Linda Beard was so tasty. Sherry Schlader delivered a beautiful hanging basket for Mother’s Day; a gift from our son and his wife who live in Lemon Grove, CA.

I found an article in my archives about “Understanding Yellowjackets and how to stop an infestation.” The reporter, Karen Baker, explained the life cycle of this pest. Queens emerge from hibernation during the first warm days of April and May. They pick a nesting site and begin by laying a single egg in each cell in her new hive. The grub hatches into a worker bee. Workers are entirely composed of females.

Males are not produced until September. Workers are produced throughout the summer; the nest can consist of thousands of living workers. There are traps designed to attract the queens, but if you haven’t put any out, you still can have an effect on the colony. This problem came up at our Club meeting and Jean Bennett shared what she had learned from a Facebook site.

Yellowjackets are meat eaters; one remedy was to take an open can of tuna or chicken and put a topical tick and flea medicine on it which contains Fiporonil. You probably have used this on your dog to protect it from ticks. The Yellowjackets will carry this back to their hives and it will destroy the hive. It was recommended that you put out small amounts, they won’t be interested in it if it spoils. Our queen trap is still attracting queens, but we will keep a container of Frontline on hand just in case we have an infestation like we had last year.

I visited on the telephone with Jake Armitage at the Clearwater Highway District on Monday. He reported that Dust Abatement is available, the cost is $215 for 600 feet and $430 for 1200 feet; they will start applying it around the first of June. Call the office in Weippe at 208-435-8002 to sign up.

The Second Annual Charter Members Meeting for the Clearwater Memorial Public Library was held on Thursday, May 9 at the High Country Inn. Steve and I attended the meeting and were updated on the fundraisers for Phase III. Also elections are coming on May 21 for four positions on our district board; please vote for the candidates that will support our Public Library in Orofino.

Steve and Carol Green send Happy Birthday Greetings to their granddaughter, Amelia Laine Green on May 24. Gerry and Marie Armitage send Happy Birthday Greetings to their son, Buck, on May 27. Happy Birthday Greetings go out to Harley Harris on May 24.

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