The official first day of spring arrived on Wednesday, March 20 and Old Man Winter’s grip on our community has disappeared. We did enjoy our pristine white world while it lasted but it’s now time to put away the snow shovels. As the snow melts we can see all the debris that has collected on the lawns since winter began. It will feel good to put on leather gloves, get the garden rakes out and go to work on the mess that Old Man Winter left.

The daffodils and iris are ready for this change in the weather. Next to our house, where the snow has melted, their leaves are now about 3 to 4 inches tall. The daffodils are one of my favorite spring time plants. Their brilliant yellow flowers add a cheerful touch to the gardens.

The first flock of Western Blue Birds arrived on the first day of Spring and later in the day we noticed the Violet Green Swallows had also put in their appearance.

Our neighbors have enjoyed the arrival of a pair of Canada Geese that have taken up residence at their pond. This pair has returned for several years, and is now staking out their territory so they can raise their young. A digital camera will probably come in handy to catch pictures of their growth throughout the summer.

Did you see the Scam alert that appeared in last weeks Clearwater Tribune? The telephone number that appeared on Call ID revealed that it came from Texas. Just a reminder, Social Security will NEVER call you on the telephone with a threat that you are being sued. Protect yourself; never give out any personal information over the telephone. We received that same telephone call last week and immediately ended the call.

The AARP bulletin for March of 2019 had an article on page 32 entitled, “Here’s when you’re most vulnerable to scam calls”. The success rate for scamming people varied significantly depending on when the call was placed.

Monday was the hardest day to get someone to fall for a phone scam. As the week progressed successful scams peaked so that, by Friday, 65 percent of those who answered gave away secure data. More fake calls succeeded later in the day, with two out of every three respondents being duped at around 5 p.m.

Be aware and vigilant about anyone who asks for personal information, they are ready to take advantage of you!

The day spent with Sharon McHone at Material Girls last Tuesday was a big success. We all came home with our plates completed and ready to give as gifts. It was fun to see the choice of fabrics each person chose. We want to thank Aidee Rudocco for the tasty surprise lunch she provided for everyone at the shop. It was delicious.

Andy Petrusky and her friend Connie Lorenz spent the afternoon working on their projects. I have always enjoyed the work of artist Laurel Burch and have enameled earrings and a purse made out of her fabric.

When Connie asked if I would like the colorful Laurel Burch wall hanging she had completed, I was thrilled. It is now hanging on the wall in my craft room, a happy reminder of two special people, thanks again Connie and Andy.

Linda and Mike Beard send Happy Birthday Greetings to their son-in-law Jon Cape on April 5.

Happy Birthday greetings go out to Abigail Brown on April 6.

Happy Anniversary goes out to Gerry and Marie Armitage on April 4.

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