Daylight Saving Time arrived on Sunday, did you remember to “spring forward”?

An article about the “history of time in the United States” on a Wikipedia web site explained about how Daylight Savings Time came about.

The Standard Time Act of 1918 established Daylight Savings Time. The Act was intended to save electricity for seven months of the year during World War I. It was repealed in 1919 over a Presidential Veto, but Standard Time in time zones remained in law, the Interstate Commerce Commission had the authority over time zone boundaries. At that time Daylight time became a local matter.

In the middle 1960’s the airlines and other transportation industries lobbied for uniformity of Daylight dates in the United States.

The U. S. Federal Uniform Time Act became law on April 13, 1966, and it mandated that DST begin nationwide on the first Sunday in April and end the last Sunday in October. In 2007, the starting and ending time for DST changed again to the second Sunday in March and ending the first Sunday in November.

This change has remained until present time. Only time will tell if more changes will come in the future.

The First Day of Spring is only a week away and it looks like Mother Nature has taken the reins controlling the weather away from Old Man Winter. We have started to enjoy warmer temperatures during the daylight hours. Very few animals have ventured across the pristine white fields around our farm.

The sun reflects off the snow crystals and it looks like we have acres of diamonds all around us. The snow banks are still piled high along the gravel roads, but, thanks to the attention of our fellows at our local Clearwater Highway District we can finally see gravel again.

The birds must sense that its time to return to our community as we saw our first Robin yesterday. Speaking of the birds, our flock of Hungarian Partridges was back, but instead of eight there were only seven this time. They are so cute I hate to think of losing one to a predator.

Sherry Schlader reported she has received a shipment of shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day. There will be fresh flowers and handcrafted cards to choose from. Due to the weather the pansies haven’t started to bloom yet. Call Sherry at 208-435-4793 for more information.

RoseAnna Thornton enjoyed a visit from her daughter Brandy Denison and her husband Donny. Her brother Phil also stopped by. They had time to visit and helped her sort through some items in one of the storage sheds.

I received a letter from Milton Snyder today. He regrets that his visit to this area for a book signing in April had to be cancelled due to health problems. Take care of yourself and keep in touch, Milton.

In the Feb. 27 issue of the Fraser News, I reported that Gunner Denison’s birthday was on March 3. Actually he was born on March 1. Thanks Cindy for catching that mistake.

Shirley Lutes sends happy birthday greetings to her grandson Tucker Konkol on March 23.

We send happy birthday greetings to Wilma Green on March 26 and to Scott Luna on March 27.

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