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Left to right: Ian and Lily Kelly, Steve Green, Grier and Finley Scott, Caylin Kelly

This year the “First Day of Spring” arrived on March 19 and the Fraser Community enjoyed a sunny day. Our day time temperature topped out at 55 degrees. It was a good day to get some outdoor projects done.

We removed the wire fencing and t-posts that separated our llama, April Eighths, pasture from the rest of the yard. The south fence line had been installed when she was born and now that she is gone it was no longer needed. It seems strange to look over there and not see the big green gate and posts, but with them gone, our lawn maintenance will be a lot easier.

Our NOAA weather forecast on Monday predicted a change in the weather and by 5 p.m. rain started to fall. Now let’s hope the temperature doesn’t turn cold enough for that moisture to turn to snow.

I visited by telephone with Donna Brown several days ago, the Brown Farm will be starting their farming activities in about three weeks if the weather cooperates.

We stopped in to talk with Steve Green at his cabin near the Deyo Reservoir on Sunday. His daughter, Trina Scott and her children, Greir and Finley were visiting from Coeur d Alene. The schools in the state of Idaho have closed due to the Coronavirus, so Trina took the opportunity to spend some time with her Dad at his cabin. She invited her long-time friend, Kelly Kelly, from the Boise area, and her three children, Lilly, Caylin and Ian, to join them. The cabin has trails for the young ones to wear off some of their energy and on the covered patio there is a hot tub to play in.

Family gatherings are an important activity for the Green family, and Steve really enjoyed having five youngsters for an extended visit.

Trina and Kelly have been friends since they were in third grade. They played on the same soccer team throughout their high school years.

This is one story about how families are coping during this rapidly evolving situation.

We are encouraged to follow the advice shared by Dr. Kelly McGrath in last weeks issue of the Clearwater Tribune. The spread of this virus can be slowed down by staying out of nonessential public gatherings. So far Clearwater County has not had any incidences.

The opinion page of the March 20 issue of the Capital Press featured an article entitled, “Keep Calm and Carry ON”. The article mentioned the last flu pandemic that took place in 2009. Like the Coronavirus, most H1N1 cases were relatively mild, but a small minority were serious and involved hospitalization. In 2009, from April to November 3,900 died from H1H1, a small fraction of the 36,000 who die from the “common” flu’s that circulate each year.

The article continued, ‘like everyone else, we’re not sure where the coronavirus pandemic will lead. We’re inclined to follow the advice offered on the pre-World War 11 poster that was distributed in England: “Keep Calm and Carry On”. And Wash Your Hands!’

Let’s all do our part!

The Fraser Community sends Happy Birthday Greetings to Wilma Green on March 26, to Scott Luna on March 27, and to Dylan Robinson on March 29.

Happy Anniversary Greetings go out to Reggie and Peggy Ball on March 29.

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