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Fraser Annual Father’s Day Breakfast

The weather for the month of June has remained cool, our night time temperatures over last weekend dropped down to 41 degrees on Saturday and 42 on Sunday. The heavy rain that fell on Thursday, June 6 and Friday amounted to 9 and 3/10ths of an inch. I am sure we will appreciate all this moisture when the weather finally turns warm and things start to dry out.

I read an article in the latest issue of The Furrow magazine, published by the John Deere company, about dry farming. Instead of packing plants by the square inch, dry farmers spread five or six plants over a larger area.

They push crops to dig deep for water that fell weeks or months before. Early maturing varieties are planted which gives them a strong jump on production while spring moisture is still high in the soil profile.

The garden at our farm was just tilled up last Sunday, the soil was moist. If I can get the tomato plants I purchased from Sherry Schlader in the ground, I plan to space them farther apart and try watering them less. This is the year to see what changes I can make to the garden by cutting back on the amount of vegetables that are planted.

Sherry still has bedding plants at her new location at 12997 Lower Fords Creek Road. Call her at 208-435-4793 for more information.

On Friday, May 31, we made a trip to Livingston, MT. and missed the thunder and lightning storm that hit our area on that weekend. Turbulent weather did follow us and we were caught in a terrible hail storm by Butte, MT.

Thankfully the hail stones were soft or our vehicle would have sustained a lot of damage.

Our great niece Marissa Guise graduated from Belgrade High School on Saturday. I attended the graduation with other family members while Steve chose to remain at the ranch. On Sunday we attended the Graduation Party in the afternoon and had time to visit with my sister Delores’s family.

To top off the day, the three sisters, Marissa, Kyra and Hannah, preformed their piano recital pieces on the churches grand piano. They are accomplished musicians and it was a joy to hear them play. We returned home on Monday. The weather was great and we made the trip in little over eight hours.

Father’s Day Breakfast

The Fraser Get Together Club will provide their Annual Father’s Day Breakfast on Sunday, June 16, at Fraser Community Center. Serving will run from 8 to 10:30 a.m. The menu is scrambled eggs, sausages, biscuits and sausage gravy, pancakes, coffee and juice. There will be homemade jams to spread on the biscuits and ketchup for the scrambled eggs.

If the weather is cool a fire in the wood stove will take the chill off the building.

Cost is $5 for adults and $2.50 for children 12 years and younger. It’s “All You Can Eat”. Plan to start your day with a tasty breakfast and take time to visit with your neighbors. SEE YOU THERE!

I visited on the phone with Sandy Linville on Monday. She and Jerry are fine. They have a problem with some ground squirrels that want to make their home under their house. She is looking for a humane way to discourage them. If you have any ideas give her a call at 208-435-4800.

Marie Armitage is home recovering from knee replacement. It has been three weeks since the surgery and she is taking physical therapy and is looking forward to the time when she can be more mobile.

She and Gerry have a new granddaughter, Jerika Madalyn Armitage, who was born Saturday, June 1 at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Lewiston. Her parents are Nicole Hendren and Jake Armitage.

Bobby and Clint Boyer’s 11 year old horse was found dead in the pasture. They think it was hit by lightning during the last thunderstorm. Sorry to hear of your loss, Bobbi.

Donna Brown attended her 50th Class Reunion dinner on Saturday. Fifteen class members and their spouses had dinner at Ernie’s Steak House.

Nancy Maki reported that the members of Faith Lutheran Church in Pierce are inviting everyone to join them on Sunday, June 23 at Pierce Play Park. A worship service will be at 10 a.m. followed by a potluck dinner. All are welcome. If you have any questions call Nancy at 208-464-2463.

Blanche Kinney reported that 68 people joined them for their Annual Memorial Day Potluck picnic. They were pleased that the air was free of cotton from the cottonwood trees this year.

The Fraser Community sends their condolences to the family of Minnie Weidner who passed away on June 1. A Celebration of Life will be held on June 22 at 1 p.m. at the Rebekah Lodge in Weippe. the family will provide the meat. Please bring a potluck dish to share.

Donnita Weddle’s name appeared in last week’s pictures as Donna. Apologies for the misprint.

Gus and Cathy Walker send happy birthday greetings to their grandson Joseph Conder on June 20.

Happy birthday to Rylee Deal on June 21.

Happy anniversary to Vern and blanche Kinney on June 22.

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