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Donita Powers and Sharon McHone work with samples before placing an order with Erin Fleming. (l-r) Margo Anderson, Denise Manfull, Sharon, and Heather Green. Seated are Donita Powers and Erin Fleming.

The first day of summer arrived last Friday. It didn’t seem like summer as our night time temperature dropped down to 43 degrees and it only got up to 57 degrees during the day. The rain that fell on Friday put another 6/10ths of rain in our gage.

The flower beds at our farm have been cleaned up and the debris moved down to the burn pile. The cool wet spring had a positive effect on the iris plants. The flowers were suspended from stalks that grew to about 24 inches. They were especially pretty this year and I hope all my work will make next years display as spectacular.

I stopped by the Brown farm last week and had a good visit with Donna. She had chosen pink bubble gum petunias for her beds this year. Her son, Brad, had refurbished the old wagon out by the road and it was filled with petunias. They are so brilliant, take a look the next time you drive by the farm.

A neighbor sent me a photo she took of a little Western Blue bird as it was perched on the opening to a bird house her husband had made. What a photo. It looks like the bird was having a bad day.

Steve Green was at the cabin last week so we dropped by for a visit. He was working on a mechanical problem and was ready for a break. Loretta Judd stopped by and offered us a piece of fresh baked Rhubarb Coffee Cake with nuts. Now rhubarb is not one of Steve Green’s favorite desserts so he declined, but Steve and I accepted a piece. Loretta reminded Steve about the times he mowed off the plants at the farm because he didn’t like them. Those of us, who do enjoy it, cringed at the thought of someone destroying the plants. Thanks for the treat Loretta, we appreciated your efforts.

On our way home we noticed that the Kinney farm had harvested their hay field. The bailing was complete and there was a load of bails at the barn ready to be put under cover.

On Tuesday I stopped in at the Material Girls Shop on Highway 12 to visit with our neighbor Sharon McHone. As I was growing up, my mother made all the clothes for my sisters, Delores and Arleen, and myself. She inspired the interest in fabrics and to this day I enjoy looking at what is available. I may not have a project in mind, but it’s always fun to wander through a fabric store.

On this day Sharon and her partner, Donita Powers, were selecting a new line of fabrics for the shop. Erin Fleming is a representative for five or six different companies, and has worked with Donita and Sharon since they opened the shop 11 years ago. Erin professionally presents her line which makes selecting the fabrics a lot easier. They enjoy working with her as she actually has fabric samples that they can handle before they put in an order. Margo Anderson and Denise Manfull enjoy working with fabric and were interested in what new items were going to be available this fall.

This was a new experience for me. I enjoyed watching the process as the discussed what colors and designs they would order and what would complement what they have in inventory.

I am always looking for news items about our area and want to share them with everyone and this was such an interesting subject.

The employees at the CPTPA office in Orofino were so helpful when we needed to apply for a burn permit. It was a great learning experience for me, they helped me work through the web site and renew the permit on line. Thanks Tammy.

Mike and Sharon McHone celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on June 6. They took time to join the members for their 50th Class Reunion on Friday at the Lindsey Creek Winery and Ernie’s Steak House on Saturday. Donna Brown was one of their classmates. Fifteen class members and their spouses spent time getting reacquainted.

Peggy and Reggie Ball enjoyed a visit from Peggy’s sister Jackie Choate. She spent several days with them before returning to her home in Washington.

The 4th Quarter of the Joint School District #171 published the names of the Honor Roll Students in last weeks’ Clearwater Tribune.

The Fraser students from Timberline Schools, were listed as follows:

Honor Roll: 9th grade, Abigail Brown; 11th grade, Shelby Bird.

High Honors: 7th grade Cody Bird, 11th grade, Krystal Dahl.

Honors: 4th grade, Nathan Brown, 6th grade, Connor Cox, 7th grade Samantha Brown, and 8th grade, Parker Brown.

Orofino Schools: High Honors: 9th grade Breyer Boyer and 10th grade Macoy Boyer.

Congratulations to our Fraser Area Students.

Bake Sale

The Weippe Hilltop Heritage Museum will hold a fundraiser bake sale on Friday, June 28. Members are asked to bring their favorite baked items to the museum by 10 a.m.

Rosena and Lanis Aultz send Happy Birthday Greetings to their daughter Emily Conder on July 6.

Happy Birthday Greetings go out to Toby Cox on July 4 and to Larry Schlader on July 7.

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