After a long spell of rainy weather the Fraser Community has finally enjoyed several days of sunshine. We knew “Old Mister Sun” was hiding his face above the clouds and just when we began to doubt that he would ever show up again, he surprised everyone. Now that the sun was shining, outdoor activities became the primary focus. This included mowing lawns, spraying for weeds and replanting seeds in the garden that had succumbed to the cold wet conditions.

Our tomato plants are starting to flower. The plants have had a tough time getting started this year.

Our neighbor, who is a great gardener confirmed that cold weather was the reason for this condition. I had to spray our marigold plants with Eight Insect Control because the leaves were being destroyed. Has anyone else had this problem?

Now that the summer season is officially here, the hope is that everything will settle down and we can enjoy this warm season.

The Eleventh Annual Fraser Father’s Day Breakfast was held at the Fraser Community Center on Sunday, June 21. The day started out cool and foggy. Jeff Sauter arrived early and had the fire in the wood stove going when the cooks arrived at 6 a.m. What a wonderful surprise that was. Everyone appreciated his early morning efforts. A warm building did help everyone focus on the tasks ahead.

Steve Brand set up the tables and chairs while the rest of the team worked on food preparation.

This year the kitchen staff included Donna Brown, Norma and Steve Brand, Tammy Sauter, Blanche and Sarah Kinney, Diane Cochrell and Linda Beard.

Dolores Watson was at her station by the door to collect the money for the breakfast.

Steve made pancakes on the electric grill that was donated to the Community Center by Carl and RoseAnna Thornton. The grill made easy work of creating golden pancakes for everyone to enjoy.

The rest of the crew worked on heating the sausage gravy, cracking a dozen eggs for each batch of scrambled eggs, sautéing link and patty sausages, mixing orange juice, slicing butter into small pats for the pancakes, and Donna used her baking skills to make biscuits.

Coffee was made in the big electric urn, half and half cream and packets of sweetener were available for those you like to doctor up their brew.

The “All You Can Eat” breakfast was served from 8 until 10:30 a.m. and the Get Together Club was pleased to serve so many of our hilltop neighbors again this year.

This special event honored all farmers and we were pleased to have the young family of Nikkia Morris and Isack Baltazar with us. Their son Alex Morris-Baltazar was the youngest child there. Alex was born on June 19 at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Lewiston. His older brother, Brandon, is four years old and will be available to help raise his younger brother. Grandma Millie Morris and Grandpa Fred Borders were proud to have Nikkia and Isack accompany them to the breakfast. The best of luck to this young family and we hope they will come to the breakfast again next year.

There were no birthdays or anniversaries to report for this week.

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