The days in the Fraser Community have been sunny with temperatures ranging from the 50s during the night time hours and into the 80s in the daytime. We have enjoyed the weather throughout the month of July. Now whatever happens during the month of August we know the hot weather cannot last very long.

The brief thunderstorm that passed over our farm at 7 a.m. the morning of Monday, July 30, dropped a little bit of rain before it moved on to the north. It cooled the temperature down to 59 degrees which felt good.

Judy O’Brien featured The Little Free Library created by Cyndy Koerling in last week’s column of “Happenings on the Hill”. We had visited with Cyndy as she was deciding on what to do with the rusted bird cage she planned to use as the top feature of her free library. Didn’t she do a great job! After seeing the picture in the Clearwater Tribune, we decided to drive to Weippe and see it for ourselves. It’s amazing how much detail she put into it.

It’s great fun to peek in the windows to see how she developed each shop. There is so much to see. I understand it is wired and it can be lighted up at night.

Now she is working on another creation for inside her coffee shop. Her daughter April found a damaged doll house at Michael’s Hobby Store.

Cyndy is in the process of deciding what little shops she will include in her second little library. Stop by Cyndy’s First Stop Java shop in Weippe and enjoy the one in her parking area and then follow the one in her shop as she develops her second creation.

I sent several of my photos of Syndy’s creation to a friend in Portland, OR. Jean enjoys the regular library near her home and I knew she would like to see what Cyndy had accomplished.

After we visited with Cyndy we drove to Orofino to attend the Grand Opening of the Clearwater Historical Museum.

The building is designed to display the many items that have been donated over the years. The categories cover many areas of the history of Clearwater County and the people that have lived here.

The donated items are catalogued in the museums computer so if you want more information they can pull it up and print out a copy. We visited with Donna Leach, Kaye and Jake Pruit and Tia Pomponio while we looked over the displays.

The bunk house has been refurbished and the cement bunker will be set up to hold items from the logging industry.

Take time to stop by the museum and look over the wonderful displays.

Several neighbors have stopped by to pick the raspberries as there has been quite an abundance this year. Sherry Schlader came on Tuesday morning and picked by herself. Then on Wednesday evening she had time to pick again and we had time to visit while we picked.

On Wednesday morning Sandy Linville and I spent several hours picking. It was good to visit with her and she went home with enough for her and Jerry to enjoy.

The raspberry iced tea has been a real treat. I used the juice from the berries and three tea bags to make two quarts of tea. Very tasty!

The Fraser Community sends Happy Birthday Greetings to Jean Bennett on Aug. 8 and to Caitlin Brown on Aug. 9.

Donna and Danny Brown send Happy Birthday Greetings to their grandchildren Spenser and Natalie Brown on Aug 11.

Happy Anniversary Greetings go out to Wade and Heather Sutton on Aug.13.

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