The first day of July was sunny and warm, small clouds were visible but none big enough to drop more rain on our community. Hay season is gearing up and the wheat looks green and healthy. The garden needs some warmer weather for the seeds to sprout and the tomatoes and peppers are still in a holding pattern. Donna Brown mentioned she will start picking strawberries this week.

On Tuesday, June 25 Steve and I attended a P.E.O. Potluck picnic at the Pink Hole Recreation Area. The large covered pavilion had been reserved for the event. It was sunny and warm, perfect weather for any outdoor function. We spent time visiting with the chapter members and their husbands. I visited with Margaret Whitten about her and Richard’s trip back east to sing at the Lincoln Center.

After Shelley Long gave the blessing we lined up to fill our plates with all the tasty food. You just can’t beat a potluck picnic and good company really puts the finishing touch to any event.

The final count for this year’s event was 29 people. After everyone had their fill we were entertained by Merk Cannell and Ted Leach. It was the perfect ending to a fun day.

Donna and Danny Brown enjoyed a visit from Danny’s younger brother Neil and his wife Sherry. Their son Josh and his children Hannah and Truman accompanied them. While they were at the farm the children enjoyed swimming in the pool and they spent some time at the Deyo Reservoir on Saturday. They arrived on Thursday evening and returned to their home in Pendleton, OR on Sunday morning.

The Clearwater Memorial Public Library Foundation held the third Annual shindig at the High Country Inn on Saturday, June 29. The theme was Boots, Buckles and Brims. The funds raised went to support Phase III which is the children’s area of the library.

We purchased tickets and adhered to the western dress code that was suggested. When we arrived we were invited to join the group at the table sponsored by Norm and Ellen Tomlinson.

Kelsey White and her husband Josiah attended with Kelsey’s mother Elizabeth Morgan.

P.E.O. Chapter CD is sponsoring Kelsey for The Program for Continuing Education grant.

The weather was perfect for this year’s shindig which was held in the outdoor area at the Inn.

The trio “Results May Vary” entertained everyone with their music. One of the group, Carl Stone, is a hilltop resident. He lives near Three Mile Road on Highway 11. Rosan Monaghan is from Lenore and Quin Davidson lives in Orofino.

It was a fun evening, and a great way to support our local library in Orofino.

The historic Catholic Church in Pierce, Our Lady of the Woodlands, will hold Mass at 2 p.m. on July 7. A dedicated group from around the area has been working on restoring the building. Contact Ken and Marge Carlson at 208-476-6002 for more information.

The Weippe Hilltop Heritage Museum held a Bake Sale fundraiser on Friday, June 28. The members donated fresh baked bread, pies, cobblers, brownies, cookies and other items. We had time to visit with Sally Marks, Dawn Cloin, Doris Owens, and Peggy Ball and purchased Rice Crispy Bars to enjoy before continuing our day.

Recently Sally and John have added a black Labrador puppy to their pet menagerie. They named him Parker after the Colorado town they lived in. Ask Sally about how the size of Parker’s feet had grown since they brought him home.

Dawn and Dennis Cloin traveled to Lacy, WA to attend their grandson Triston Anderson’s graduation from River Ridge High School on June 14. They left Fraser on June 12 and met with Dawn’s sisters, Wendy Gremmert and Pam Petterson, in Lacy. After the graduation Dennis traveled to Walla Walla, WA to visit his family while Dawn remained to spend time with her sisters. Dawn and her sisters had a wonderful time. She returned to Idaho on June 23.

Steve and Carol Green send Happy Birthday Greetings to their granddaughter Grier Ann Marie Scott on July 13. Happy Anniversary Greetings go out to Mike and Sandy Dahl on July 15.

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