The temperatures for the first week of July had been in the 50 degree range at night, but it climbed up to 83 degrees during the day on Friday, July 5. The Fraser Community did get several quick showers on Saturday, not enough to put a damper on family gatherings that took place over the Independence Day week end.

Last week’s issue of the Clearwater Tribune had pictures and articles about several Fraser young people. Wild Weippe rodeo Queen Shelby Bird and Princess Hannah VanHook attended the Whitebird Parade and Rodeo on June 23.

Samantha Brown and her Welsh Pony Penny placed in a number of events at the Clearwater County Open Class Horse Show held on June 22-23.

What a patriotic picture, the breeze unfurled the flags at the Fraser Cemetery just as the four members of the Fraser Boosters 4-H Club finished installing them. Macoy and Breyer Boyer and McKenzie and Courtney Morris are to be congratulated for their participation this year. Bobbi Boyer joined the members to help with this project.

In last week’s issue of the DOWN MEMORY LANE column, a picture of an advertisement for Rainer Beer taken in July 7, 1949 issue gave me a chuckle.

During his lifetime Mike Green favored this beer. He made his home for many years in the town of Wallace, Idaho and enjoyed hosting hikes up to the Pulaski Tunnel. The trail is located on the west fork of Placer Creek which is a small stream that trickles down a narrow canyon, ferns and cedar trees grow along its banks. The two mile trail leads up this canyon. There are signs placed near the tunnel entrance describing the events of the 1910 wild fire that nearly destroyed the town of Wallace.

The day was warm as Mike, Steve and I hiked up the trail. On the return trip we were fairly thirsty as we came to Mike’s “Favorite Bridge”. He explained he was going to see if he could find some Rainier Berries and headed down to the creek. We had no idea what he was looking for so we waited by the bridge for his return.

Several days before our visit to Wallace, Mike had stashed several cans of Rainier Beer under the rocks by the stream.

Needless to say, we certainly did appreciate his extra efforts. Steve related our story at Mike’s Wallace Memorial Service, several of his friends told how they had the same experience. Mike had quite a sense of humor and would have gotten a chuckle over this story.

The Brown Farm has started swathing hay this week. Donna reported their granddaughters have been helping out at the Lolo Rock crushing site, and Izzy is working in Lewiston.

Bill Funke stopped by on Saturday to pick up the sauce pan that a friend of Dianna’s had left at the memorial dinner for Bill Jackson. He was on his way back to Lewiston after he had spent the day spraying weeds in Lolo Canyon.

Last week we had an invasion of two inch long black hairy caterpillars. I first noticed them on the Lupine plants, and sprayed them with a house and garden insecticide. This did make a difference, but they were still climbing up the foundation of the house. Next I sprayed the foundation and the ground around both the house and shop with Marthion.

We still see a few of the caterpillars, but for the most part the invasion seems to have slowed down.

Sherry Schlader found them eating the sunflowers in her garden. Meladi at the extension office in Orofino hadn’t received any calls about the problem. She suggested I bring in a sample.

Reggie and Peggie Ball drove to Kamiah for the “Fly In” on Saturday. They had breakfast and watched the planes fly in. The local Experimental Aircraft Association pilots were on hand to give young people (ages 8-17) a free flight around the valley area.

Peggy and Reggie Ball send Happy Birthday Greetings to Peggy’s sister, Andy Petrusky, on July 24.

Happy Anniversary Greetings go out to Wanda and Dave Strong on July 18.

Happy Birthday Greetings go out to Darrel Helser on July 20, to Breyer Boyer on July 21, and to Sandra Dahl on July 24.

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