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Clearwater Highway District crew of Aaron Newman and Jake Armitage work on clearing rocks from the roadside.

The “Lazy Days of Summer” have finally arrived. Last week we had two days when the temperature climbed into the 90 degree range. On Sunday, July 26 our day time temperature hit 87 degrees. The rest of the time it remained in the 70’s.

No rain has fallen so our flower beds and garden need a little extra attention. The NOAA report is for temperatures in the 90 to 100 range for the coming week with a chance of rain and thunderstorms.

The raspberry patch has been in full production mode. The berries have been frozen and some have been sweetened and eaten fresh. Short cake has become our favorite summertime dessert. A two-quart jar of raspberry vinegar is in the first stage of steeping. It can take up to a month to achieve the desired results. This recipe was found in the “Good Stuff” Cookbook, copyright 1997. The author is Helen Witty.

Now that our quota is filled, I have contacted our neighbor to share the abundance. Sherry Schlader arrived early Monday morning to pick what she wanted, then I finished the row that was left.

On our way home from Orofino and Lewiston last Tuesday we drove up Lower Fords Creek Road. The Clearwater Highway District crew was removing rocks from the ditches and we enjoyed watching the procedure until they had the dump truck box full of debris. It was then moved to the side of the road and we were able to continue on our way.

Aaron Newman was driving the front-end loader and Jake Armitage moved the dump truck when it was full. They had two trucks on the job site which made the operation run smooth.

The steep rocky hillsides on this gravel road continue to release rocks during the winter and spring. When summer comes, rocks that have accumulated in the ditches have to be removed. Good job, Jake and Aaron.

The Fraser Community Center Board scheduled a meeting for Wednesday, July 29, at 1 p.m., to discuss the budget for the coming year.

Mona Thornton Wolfe and her husband Allen arrived on Friday to attend the Stewart Family Reunion which was held on Saturday at the Deyo Reservoir. They parked their motor home at the Watts RV Park in Weippe.

On Sunday it was time for Mona’s family to meet for a light lunch. Darrel Hesler and Jean Bennett stopped in Orofino to pick up RoseAnna Thornton. Mona’s twin sister Donna Brown also joined them at the RV Park for a nice visit. The Wolfe’s traveled Highway 12 to Missoula on their return trip to Libby, Montana.

Marie Armitage reported that her granddaughter Breyer Boyer attended the last night of training at the Weippe Rodeo Grounds Monday. The Rodeo Committee will make the decision by Aug. 1 if the Wild Weippe Rodeo will be held this year.

Congratulations to Fraser resident Shelby Bird, Timberline High School student, for receiving a scholarship at this year’s Show and Shine.

Reggie Ball’s Aunt Aretha Chilton was featured in last weeks “Down Memory Lane” column on July 26, 1990. Aretha was pictured with her newest craft interest, wooden car models. The cars were destined to be family Christmas presents.

Peggy reported Aretha was very proud of the cars and didn’t pass them on right away. She remembered how special they were.

Happy Birthday Greetings go out to Linda Jackson on July 30, to Heather Sutton on Aug. 3, and to Cody Bird on Aug. 5.

Steve and Norma Brand send Happy Anniversary Greetings to their son, Randy Borgwardt and his wife Dianne on Aug. 4.

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