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Snyder Family with John W. added, at Captain Sampson Snyder home, ca. 1895. Left to right, back row - John W. Carrie, Nettie, Blaine, Albert, Elizabeth, Sampson; front row Phoebe Snyder Carr, Job, Dow, Sampson, Jr. Elmer, Stella, and Henry. This photo is from the book Maybe Milton should go work in the Woods.

On Sunday, Jan. 20 it rained all day and then a fast moving snow storm blew through this area that evening. Our weather station showed an overnight temperature of 28 degrees; by 2 o’clock in the afternoon on Monday it still registered only 29 degrees.

The fields and lawns are now covered with an inch of new snow, the skies are still cloudy and there is a strong wind blowing. It looks like Old Man Winter has decided to pull some more tricks out of his play book; this shouldn’t surprise us as the “First Day of Spring” is a long way off.

I visited by telephone with Colleen Fahy and she reported that her husband Monte is now feeling better after having a procedure done at the Lewiston Orthopedics office last week. Great to hear you are on the mend, Monte.

Sally Marks gave an update on the Weippe Hilltop Heritage Museum Bunko game which is planned for Monday, Jan. 28. The time is set for 11 a.m.; bring a snack of finger foods to share with everyone. See you there.

I received a telephone call from Milton Snyder last Sunday evening; he likes to keep in touch with this area. He plans to be in the area sometime in April for a book signing of his latest book Reflections. His paternal grandfather John Wesley Snyder was born in West Virginia on Feb. 23, 1874, he moved to Clearwater County where he spent the rest of his life. He and his wife Mary are buried in the Fraser Cemetery.

While reading through Milton’s book, I found on page 45 the article entitled Gunfight at Fords Creek very interesting. In 1908 a gun fight occurred between four cattle thieves and John Wesley’s sister Phoebe and her husband Dan Carr. It’s an exciting story, and worth the effort to find this book and read it for yourself.

This book is filled with pictures of Milton’s family which adds a special touch to his story. I did track down a picture of Phoebe on page 17 of Milton’s book Maybe Milton should go work in the Woods. Compared to her brothers she was a tiny lady and to think she was involved in this gunfight really showed her pioneer spirit.

The Weippe Heritage Museum will be one of his stops for the book signing; the date and time are yet to be determined. I was privileged to receive a copy from Milton, inside the front cover he penned a special note which I really appreciated. Thanks, Milton.

The members of P.E.O. Chapter CD meet on the third Friday of the month at a local restaurant for lunch. Last Friday we met at the Garden Room of the Ponderosa Restaurant where we visited and enjoyed a tasty meal.

The Weippe Fire Department will deliver water to the Fraser Community Center as needed. Tony Christopherson planned on sending a water truck out last Sunday but the weather was not cooperating so we cancelled it until later. Thanks, Tony, we appreciate your help.

Jerry Bordoni is very knowledgeable about computers; he did some work for us and drove up on Sunday to deliver the unit he had worked on. Thanks, Jerry, we do appreciate your help.

Diane Cochrell called to reserve the Fraser Community Center for a shower she and her daughter Danielle are planning for the end of March. The building is available for family gatherings and other events. Call Norma at 208-435-4354 to reserve a date.

Happy Birthday Greetings go out to Suzy Johnson on Jan. 24 and to Parker Brown on Jan. 30. Kirk and Rhonda Gangewer send Happy Birthday greetings to their granddaughter Lexi Nichole Spenser on Jan. 30. Linda and Mike Beard send Happy Birthday Greetings to their daughter Sharon Klein Cape on Jan. 27.

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