On Sunday, Jan. 5, the overnight temperature was 31 degrees and the sun was shining in the morning. The NOAA weather report predicted a snow storm would hit this area in the afternoon.

We decided to take advantage of the sunny weather in the morning and split some wood.

As it turned out the report was correct and by 4 p.m. the storm blew through the hilltop area. The next morning the storm was still raging and there was about four inches of fresh wet snow on the ground.

I visited with Darrel Hesler as I was writing the Fraser News and he reported it was raining at his home near Lenore. He heard on the scanner that there was approximately four inches of snow in the Cavendish, Southwick area.

The NOAA report went on to predict snowy weather all this week. I guess winter has finally arrived.

Fraser 2019 year end report

The year started out with a sneak preview of the new Clearwater Historical Museum in Orofino. The space in the new building is perfect for viewing the artifacts of this area.

Speaking of information about this area, I received a copy of Milton Snyder’s latest book Reflections in January. Milton’s purpose for writing this book was to reveal the facts about his family’s past so future generations will know the truth.

Speaking of the past, Jason Cochrell restored a piece of American history, a 1961 Willys Jeep Utility Wagon. His father, Roy owned several of these Jeeps in his younger days.

The Fraser Community Center had an upgrade during 2019. Reggie Ball built a roof for the south door on the building and he and Steve Brand installed it during the month of April.

Our neighbor, Sharon McHone and Juanita Powers own Material Girls Quilt Shop in Orofino. Sharon turned the embroidered panels created by Floyd Enyeart into a quilt. A huge Hershey Candy Bar was her reward.

How long did it take to devour the five pounds of chocolate, Sharon?

If you are interested in sewing, check out the 2020 class schedule at the Material Girls Shop. During my family’s annual visit in March, the gals spent an afternoon at the shop and were given instructions on fabric backed plates. They were very colorful and real works of art.

Cyndy Koerling finished her Little Free Library and installed it in front of her Coffee Shop just west of Weippe.

In October, Loretta Judd sold her home in Spokane and moved to the Judd Ranch on Highway 11.

The Fraser Community has represented the Wild Weippe Rodeo. Emma Brown served as queen during 2018, Shelby Bird filled the position during 2019, and Samantha Brown was elected Princess for 2020.

Emma Brown’s Senior Project was a Spaghetti Feed Fundraiser to help the rodeo princesses with their expenses.

We attended the Veterans Day event at the Weippe Hilltop Heritage Museum and enjoyed hearing Jim Mead’s story about the USS Oriskany (CVA-34) Aircraft Carrier.

In September, Heidi and Rolando Fuentes visited with Sherry and Larry Schlader and their daughter Heather. Heidi came to the Fraser Community in 1995 as an exchange student from Chile and has kept in touch with the family for all these years.

The Texas Creek Bridge project started in August and finished in September. The crew from LaRiviere Incorporated replaced the old cement culvert and installed the new culverts. Poe Asphalt trucks delivered the material to resurface HWY 11. The project was completed on Sept. 22.

Highway 11 was resurfaced from the top of Greer Grade down to Greer and the bridge at Greer received a full restoration during the summer.

Avista replaced an electrical transmission structure in November. Power was shut off while the work was done and Steven and I watched the process from the east side of the Clearwater River and took photos of the event.

RoseAnna Thornton sold the Thornton ranch to Randy and Lauri Holibaugh and moved to Orofino.

The Green Farm and The Double D Ranch on Highway 11 were listed for sale by Clearwater Realty.

In June, Mike and Sharon McHone represented the Midnight Sun Welsh Pony Farm at the Washington Horse Jumping Competition. Two ponies bred at the farm, Midnight Storm (USCF Talsiker Storm) and Midnight American Idle (Everly), did well at the show.

Great grandchildren

1. Jean Bennett’s great granddaughter, Savanna Bennett was born on July 18. She is the daughter of Jean’s grandson, Justin Bennett and his wife, Shelly.

2. Sharon and Mike McHone’s great grandson, Haden James Rengen was born on Dec. 2. Mike and Sharon’s granddaughter, Lynsey and her husband, Nathan are the proud parents of Haden.

50 year anniversaries

1. Marie and Gerry Armitage celebrated their wedding anniversary on April 10.

2. Sharon and Mike McHone celebrated their wedding anniversary on June 6.

3. Mona and Allen Wolfe celebrated their anniversary on June 27.

Annual events at the

Fraser Community Center

1. The Annual Father’s Day Breakfast was held on June 16.

2. The Annual Family Thanksgiving Potluck was held on Nov. 13.

3. The Annual Family Christmas Potluck on Saturday, Dec. 13.

Fraser Residents said Goodbye to:

1. Randy Skinner on Jan. 9

2. Mike Green on March 12.

3. Bill Jackson on May 11.

4. Carol Green on Sept. 14.

The funeral services for Randy Skinner were held on Jan. 13 at the LDS church in Orofino.

The Celebration of Life for Mike Green was held at Wallace on March 30 and another event was held at the Green Cabin in May.

On May 18, the Fraser Community Center was reserved for the Celebration of Life for Bill Jackson.

Joan Kroupa’s Celebration of Life was held on July 10.

Carol Green’s Celebration of Life was held at the Green Cabin on Oct. 10. Family and friends joined together to bid farewell to Carol.

Peggy and Reggie Ball hosted the Thanksgiving and Christmas potluck dinners for their neighbors at their home.

It’s been a busy year for the residents of Fraser Community.

Donna and Danny Brown send Happy Birthday Greetings to their grandson, Jackson Armitage on Jan. 10 and to their granddaughter, Riley Avery Henderson on Jan. 14.

Happy Birthday Greetings go out to Sandy Dahl on Jan. 15.

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