The winter season is now officially 24 days old and we continue to have temperatures in the 30 to 40 degree range during the daylight hours. My records show our new year temperatures stayed in the 30 degree range at night. The wheat fields are brown with minor patches of snow in sheltered areas. As I look to the east I can see that the mountains do have snow covered areas. We will have to wait and see if the months ahead will remedy that condition.

Our gravel roads are clear, which is a big help to our walking program. It is our goal to walk a two mile circuit each day just to keep our bodies healthy. The roads in the Fraser Community have lots of hills to climb so we do get a work out.

The Fraser Community sends congratulations to Aaron and Tommi Newman on the birth of their son, Ryan James, born on Jan. 3.

The 2020 Year End Report

As I looked over the records for last year I found we had a very quiet year. Starting in March many meetings and gatherings had been cancelled due to the pandemic.

The Fraser Community did hold the Annual Father’s Day Breakfast at the Fraser Community Center on Sunday, June 21. We had a good turn out and everyone enjoyed visiting with their friends and neighbors.

The Thanksgiving Family Pot Luck Dinner held on Wednesday, Nov. 11, was also well attended.

The 1940 Friendship Quilt donated by Shirley Lutes is now on display at the Fraser Community Center. The Get Together Club voted to have it stabilized and then displayed in a shadow box.

Thanks to Marge Carlson for contacting Margo Anderson and Studio 205 the finished product can now be enjoyed by everyone. The quote “Good friends are like quilts, the never lose their warmth”, is painted on the frame.

Marge Comstock is a great photographer. She supplied many photos of the wild life and birds for our readers to enjoy.

The Midnight Sun Welsh Pony Farm had three new babies this year. The first arrived in March and the rest during the summer months. Sharon reported that all three have been sold and shipped off to their new homes. She is now looking forward to the new babies that are expected this year. We hope this pandemic will be under control and we can visit the new arrivals.

The month of March not only went out like a lion, but Idaho had a 6.5 earth quake which was felt as far as Helena, MT.

We had several wild fires hit this area, the first one near Cavendish and the other was at Mile Marker 49. The Fraser area was not in danger from these fires, but just a change in the wind direction could have had a big effect.

The story about Calvin and Lydia Reed was very interesting, especially for Judd, Green and Brown families. Calvin was a carpenter and served on the ship Old Iron Sides. His story can be found in Claud Judd’s book, “Judd’s in Fraser, Idaho”.’ The Brown Family Farm sprayed some of their wheat fields from the air. It was fascinating to watch the airplanes fly over the fields in May and June.

Fraser students that graduated from Timberline Schools in 2020 were Shelby Bird, Emma Brown, Krystal Dahl and Marissa Supak.

Bev Bailey served as Grand Marshall for the Wild Weippe Rodeo and Samantha Brown and Angel Gering served as this years princesses. Breyer Boyer was elected Queen and Kyra Rebel was elected princess for 2021.

Timberline Class of 1970 Celebration was held at the Lake House near the Deyo Reservoir. Sally Marks and Linda Jennings made all the arranagements.

Milton Snyder’s book, “Milt’s Trails to 90” was completed in 2020.

Rosena and Lanis Aultz became the grandparents of Samuel Ray Conder on Jan. 11. Samuel is the son of Emly and Brian Conder.

Jerry Linville passed away on Oct. 8, at his home on Thornton Road.

Bob Luna passed away on Nov. 2. He was the father of Scott Luna.

Long time hill top resident Stella Rose Opresik, passed away at the age of 98, on Monday, Nov. 9. Rose and Clarabell Brown were friends.

Reggie Ball’s mother, Ernestine Harvey Ball, passed away at the age of 97, on Dec. 27, at LaGrande, OR.

Our llama April Eighth lived to be almost eighteen years old when she was put down on Jan. 24. She enjoyed the attention of anyone that drove past our farm.

The year of 2020 was a challenge. Let’s all pray that 2021 will be a more enjoyable year.

Happy Birthday Greetings go out to Jaxon Cochrell on Jan 21, to Cathy Walker on Jan 22, to Blanche Kinney and Suzy Johnson on Jan. 24.

Linda and Mike Beard send Happy Birthday Greetings to their daughter Sharon cape, on Jan 27.

Happy Anniversary Greeting go out to Donna and Dan Stickney on Jan. 24.

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