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The Clearwater Highway District plowed the roads as the storm continued.

On Saturday, Feb. 13, another wave of harsh winter weather hit our area. There was about 12 inches of snow on the ground from previous storms and now, on Tuesday morning, flakes continue to fall. Our night time temperatures have ranged from 10 degrees to 23 for the past seven days.

Idaho isn’t the only area that is being affected by this winter weather.

Over the weekend, the storm left 245,000 homes and businesses without power in Oregon. The same weather report stated that Seattle had received more than a foot of snow on Sunday morning and more precipitation was expected.

A polar vortex winter storm hit the Midwest, dropping temperatures into the sub-zero range. One website showed photos of what was happening in states from Minnesota down into the southern states. A photo showed a man skiing down a hill on a street in Seattle, another was of cattle covered with snow. Then on the lighter side, families were enjoying sliding down the hills on sleds.

While in the Fraser Community the wind has caused the snow to build up, the Clearwater Highway District is continuing to plow and our roads are open to travel. The guys are on the job and we appreciate their efforts. THANKS for all your work

The Brands enjoyed dinner with the Comstocks on Feb 15, at the Fraser Community Center. The hostesses were Tammy Sauter and Cindy Rose. They served a tasty Mexican lunch of Oreta Stuart’s Taco Soup, enchiladas, cookies, and cheesecake along with coffee and punch. The meeting was called to order. Eleven members responded to roll call.

Under old business the members formed the committees for the tote bags for the sheriff’s department and signed up for the different categories. They will be assembled at the March meeting.

The club voted to send a bouquet of fresh cut flowers to Dolores Watson who was absent due to a medical appointment.

The White Elephant was won by Blanche Kinney.

A game of Valentine Emoji Pictionary Quiz was played and Secret Sister Gifts were opened and shared.

The next meeting is on March 10. The hostesses are Blanche Kinney and Norma Brand. The theme is St. Patrick’s Day.

I visited with Dolores Watson on Monday. She had enjoyed a visit from her granddaughter Amy Hatfield from Binnkleman, NB. Amy stayed for three weeks and helped with house cleaning and making meals.

Dolores’s daughter Terri Millage accompanied Dolores to Kootenai Medical Center for tests on Wednesday, Feb. 10. Her tests cleared her for the next procedure which will be scheduled in several weeks. She appreciated the beautiful flower bouquet sent by the Get Together Club. It was delivered by Sherry’s Cakes and Bouquets. Good luck Dolores.

Peggy and Reggie Ball invited the Brands down to their home for a Valentine Day pizza dinner. The dinner was tasty and they had a good visit before heading out into the snowstorm to return home.

I enjoyed the article on advice to the young people, “Choose Contentment over Comparison” in the Epoch Times.

The first one was shared by Melanie Ely, from Ontario.

She advised that we are all given different gifts throughout life. When we notice, appreciate and fully enjoy the good things we already have, we experience contentment. We are satisfied with what we have and feel grateful.

On the other hand, when we compare what we have or what we do with others, we often lose the sense of satisfaction and happiness. Any time we compare, we feel superior or inferior to another, and that is a guaranteed to be way to feel discontent and unhappy.

In this age of technology, comparison is especially rampant on social media. It may seem like your peers all go to fabulous vacations, or frequently show off shiny, expensive things. It can be challenging work to choose contentment over comparison, but your life will greatly benefit from keeping your eyes on your own good fortune.

Mark Augustine from California shared that when you talk to someone, “look them in the eye”. Young people, in this age of technology where everyone is communicating on their phone, texting, posting, and even dating, the fundamental art of honest communication is falling by the way side. When you communicate behind the protection of a phone or computer, it isn’t real. Look people in the eyes and talk to them. If you haven’t ever done this it will be hard at first, but you can do it.

Give these tips a try. Make a note to check back when next February comes around. After all, it is a new year and who knows what changes will take place.

Donna and Danny Brown send Happy Birthday Greetings to their daughter Danette Brown on March 3.

Happy Birthday Greetings go out to Jayce McHone on Feb. 25, to Kim Cox on Feb. 29, to Gunner Dean Denison on March 1, to Danny Brown on March 2, and to Lisa Dahl on March 3.

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