The weather in the hilltop area has been cloudy and we have had some rain. The temperature has ranged in the high 30’s and 40’s during the day and has dropped from 32 to 29 degrees during the night time hours. If this keeps up we will end up with a brown Christmas which would be okay for anyone that plans to travel over the holidays. We plan on remaining at the farm and will have dinner with all the trimmings in the afternoon of Christmas Day.

We drove to Kamiah on Monday morning and on the return trip enjoyed a cup of coffee at one of the turnouts along the Clearwater River. This area is noted for the ice buildup during the winter and we weren’t disappointed.

There was still open water but in several places it had frozen over completely. Old Man Winter will officially have jurisdiction on this season on Friday so be aware that the weather patterns could take a nose dive and our world may turn white again.

Holiday activities have taken place during the past week. On Tuesday I attended the Christmas luncheon for my P.E.O. Chapter which was held at the home of Julia Irby. The officers provide the meal for the members of the chapter to thank them for their support during the year. I joined the other officers and we served a chicken broccoli braid, green salad, a cranberry salad and a pumpkin jelly roll for dessert along with coffee and tea.

Instead of a gift exchange this year, Donna Leach suggested making a donation to the Clearwater Historical Museum. Each member was able to select a gift from a number of small items that had been donated to the Museum. Everyone enjoyed the meal and had a fun afternoon.

On Wednesday, Dec. 12 the Fraser Get Together Club held their regular monthly meeting. Steven Brand arrived early to start a fire in the wood stove so the building was toasty warm when everyone arrived.

President Blanche Kinney called the meeting to order, Secretary Tammy Sauter read the minutes of the last meeting and Treasurer Dawn Cloin gave the treasurers report. During the meeting Secret Sister names were drawn for the new year and hostesses were assigned.

At the close of the meeting members took time to eat a sack lunch and then Secret Sister gifts were passed out and names revealed. Then it was time to decorate the tree and the tables for the Annual Fraser Community Christmas Dinner. Dawn Cloin won the White Elephant gift. Walt Parker stopped in at the end of the day to discuss what some of his duties will be now that he is the handyman for the Fraser Community Center. Welcome Walt.

Nolan Cockrell was called to solve two electrical circuit problems. He changed the plugin by the north door and explained that the three plugins on the east side of the room were on GFI circuits. Thanks Nolan.

On Saturday, Dec. 15 the annual Fraser community Christmas dinner was held. Walt Parker arrived early to start the fire in the wood stove. The hostesses were Blanche Kinney, Donna Brown and Cristi Parker. The aroma of another festive meal greeted everyone as they entered the building, and the serving counter quickly filled up with tasty foods. The dessert table had at least seven different pies to choose from and brownies, cookies and candy.

A mighty Ho! Ho! Ho! And the jingling of bells announced the arrival of Santa. He had his sack filled with gifts to distribute to the children and several adults. Each one also received a sack filled with oranges, popcorn balls and candy. After photos were taken, everyone thanked Santa and he waved good-bye for another year.

What a fun time everyone had. There were 33 adults and three children this year.

We were pleased with the number of guests that joined us this year; Brandy Denison, Neika Denison and her son Brantley Eason, Tayler Batterman, Candis Crosby Short, Gene and Molly Eastman, Marge and Craig Comstock, Samantha Brown, Brad Brown, and Moritz Lotschalk, (Moritz is a foreign exchange student from Austria staying with Jeff and Tammy Sauter for this school year) and Cindy Rose and her children Piper and Gunner Denison.

A donation jar soon filled up to be given to Dyan Spence who lost her home to a fire.

The next Get Together Club meeting will be a social tea hosted by Blanche Kinney at her home on Wednesday, Jan. 9, at 1 p.m.

Nancy Maki invites everyone to join the Faith Lutheran Church in Pierce for their Chrismas Eve Candlelight Service on Monday, Dec. 24, at 7 p.m. All are welcome. The offering will be used for the Cadets at the Youth Academy in Pierce. For more information call Nancy at 208-464-2463.

Happy birthday greetings go out to Dave Strong on Dec 21, to Gerry Armitage and Jayce Armitage on Dec. 23.

Happy anniversary greetings go out to Dave and Wanda Strong on Dec. 21.

The Fraser Community wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas.

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