The hilltop area received two snow falls in the month of November, the first one on Nov. 23 and the second one on Nov. 30. There is still a small amount of the white stuff on the lawns and the fields.

The winter weather doesn’t seem to have any effect on the flocks of turkeys that keep wandering through our yard. On Wednesday I counted over 115 turkeys in a flock. I can’t remember ever seeing to many at one time. I imagine when the Pilgrims first arrived on the east coast they would have welcomed a flock like this. With no hunting regulations at that time, it would have filled their larders for the winter.

I finally had time to attend to the raspberry patch when the sun came out on Nov. 29. It took me all afternoon to remove the dead canes from the two 25 foot rows and haul them to the burn pile. Good thing I kept at it because it started snowing the next day. Before the snow covered the pile we cleaned up the bark from splitting wood and set the pile on fire. It certainly feels good when you listen to that small voice in the back of your mind and take the appropriate action at the right time.

Steve and I stopped at the home of Marge and Craig Comstock on Saturday to pick up fresh eggs. We had a good visit before continuing on our way.

On Saturday the Weippe Hilltop Heritage Museum held a Memorial Service for Barbara Jean Bennett Martin. Barbara and her husband Everet made their home in Weippe for 70 years before moving to Lewiston in 2014. They both were very active in the community.

Sally Marks, director of the museum, shared her memories of Barbara and then requested stories from her friends and family that had gathered to pay tribute to this fun lady. She had a great sense of humor and looked on the bright side of life. She loved animals, especially cats. Many stories were shared about feeding cats, skunks and raccoons in their garage. Her daughter, Carrie, had composed her thoughts and had her spouse Rick Goodwin share them with everyone. Many funny tales were shared by her son Ken and everyone enjoyed the two story boards that contained pictures of her life.

Both Carrie and Ken graduated from Weippe High School. Carrie graduated in 1967 with Andy Vanderpool Petrusky and Ken was in the last graduating class in 1969 along with Mike Green. A longtime friend Donna Lowary and her husband Roy joined the family for the service.

Steve enjoyed visiting with Betty Cole and her son Kelly as they looked over the displays in the new addition at the museum.

After all the stories were shared, Sally and Peggy Ball served the cake, coffee and cider. Barbara and Everet will be remembered for their dedication to the Weippe community. Just stop by the Heritage Museum and talk to the staff, they will fill you in on the influence this couple had while they lived there.

The Fraser Ladies Get Together Club will meet on Wednesday, Dec. 5. After the meeting they will decorate the Fraser Community Center for the Christmas Potluck. Members are reminded to bring a sack lunch and their Secret Sister gifts, names will be revealed and new names will be drawn for the coming year. The Christmas Potluck will be held at 12 o’clock on Saturday, Dec. 15.

Blanche Kinney reported her sister Tonia Arnold arrived from McBride, British Columbia on Wednesday. She enjoyed helping Bonny celebrate her 50th birthday. Tonia spent time with Blanche and Vern’s family and enjoyed the scenery; she returned to her home on Dec. 4.

Happy Birthday Greetings go out to Norma Brand on Dec. 7. Happy Anniversary Greetings go out to Derek and Caresse Brown on Dec. 7 and to Steve and Norma Brand on Dec. 12.

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