This issue of the Fraser News had to be turned in on Dec. 21 due to the Christmas Holiday; with only three days to gather the news this one will be a little short.

Sally Marks held her annual Christmas Cookie Exchange on Sunday, Dec. 16. Peggy Ball offered to give me a ride and we traveled to the Marks home on Three Mile Road together. We were the first to arrive and had time to visit before the remaining guests arrived.

Each guest was to bring two dozen cookies and a wrapped gift to exchange. Our gifts were not wrapped so Sally’s son Josh volunteered to do the honors. Thanks Josh.

Sally and John’s house was decorated for the holidays and the kitchen table was covered with tasty morsels for the guests to enjoy. One called a Santa hat had a small brownie topped with a cream filling and then with half a strawberry. They looked just like a Santa hat and were so tasty.

A vegetable tray, olives, turkey and ham rolls, bread and cheese, cookies, and candy were just some of the treats everyone enjoyed. When everyone’s appetite was satisfied we played several games.

The gift exchange had everyone laughing; each person tossed a big dice to decide what would happen next. Sally had a board set up that decided what was to happen when the number came up; example were: #1 Keep your gift, #2 Pass the gifts to the right, and so forth. The last person to throw the dice decided the outcome of the game.

Before the party was over the cookie exchange took place. Each person that brought two dozen cookies circled the table and filled their boxes with a selection of cookies to take home.

Judy O’Brien brought her granddaughter-in-law, Juste Burrell, and her two daughters to the party. Lilly and Kaylee had a fun time and received a final party favor assembled by Sally and John’s son Josh.

Josh had designed a sleigh with candy canes as runners and a Kit Kat wafer bar base; other candy bars were stacked on top, and a colorful wrapped chocolate Santa was placed at the front like he was driving the sleigh. All the candy was colorfully wrapped in Christmas foil. It is so cute I don’t want to take it apart to get at the candy inside each piece.

What a fun time everyone had, thanks Sally for another great cookie exchange.

Happy Birthday Greetings go out to Michele Brown and Kristi Parker on Dec. 30, to Sally Marks on Jan. 2 and to Samantha Brown on Jan. 3.

Happy Anniversary Greetings go out to Jessica and Jeremy Squires and to Jerry and Sandy Moore on Dec. 31. The Fraser Community sends Happy New Year Greetings to everyone.

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