The hilltop area has experienced a variety of temperature changes over the past week. Here in Fraser Community the high on Aug. 7 and 8 was 94 degrees during the day and then it cooled down the rest of the week. On the morning of Aug. 12 we woke up to an overnight low of 53 degrees. It will be interesting to see what Mother Nature has in store for us in September.

The hot day time temperatures were just what the garden plants needed. Now this change in the weather will probably set them back. This summer hasn’t been warm enough to expect an abundance of tomatoes and peppers, but the fruit trees certainly responded to this type of weather. Our apple and pear trees are loaded.

I checked with Doris Peterson about her golden Delicious Apples and she reported the tree is loaded but the fruit is on the small side. Maybe I won’t get to make my recipe for Gold Apple Conserve this year. It’s one of my favorites.

The Jackson Farm swathed and bailed a barley field on Stuart Road last week. The Massey Ferguson square bailer made short work of the field. The bails are now stacked waiting to be moved into storage.

The resurfacing of Highway 11 is progressing. The job started at the top of Greer Grade and the crew is working down the hill toward Greer. You can expect delays if you are heading for Highway 12.

The three stop lights at the Greer Bridge are controlling traffic on Highway 11 and 12. Delays there usually last for about five minutes.

Summer is the time for road repairs and it will be nice when the work is completed.

Elizabeth Morgan interviewed the Wild Weippe Rodeo Queen and Princess in July 31 issue of the Clearwater Tribune. Queen Shelby Bird is a resident of the Fraser Community and will enter her senior year at the Timberline Schools this fall.

Shelby requested permission to have some of her senior pictures taken at the old Clint Perkins log house. This property was originally purchased by Elbert and Beulah Bird in 1937 from the Federal Land Bank. Elbert and Beulah are Shelby’s great, great, grandparents. In 2001 we purchased 50 acres of the original 200 acre parcel that was for sale. At that time it was owned by Bill and Cindy Bird.

Shelby, we were pleased that you included the Old Pioneer Log House in the portfolio for your senior pictures.

Another Timberline Schools student, Cameron Summerfield, was a delegate to the Clearwater Power Company 2019 ICUA Rally. It was great to see that our hill top students continue to be elected to represent Clearwater Power at this Rally. Congratulations Cameron.

Jane Delaplaine Webb and her brother Sid, his wife Fran and Jane’s great grandson Kyson Webb were in the area trying to track down some family history. They had talked to Tia Pomponio at the Clearwater Historical Museum in Orofino and he suggested they check out the Fraser Area. They stopped at our farm and we talked about what they were looking for. They returned on Sunday, Aug. 11 and asked if they could look at the Old Pioneer Log House as it resembled a photograph they had with them.

We shared information and I suggested that Jane contact long time hill to resident Shirley Lutes as she might have more information than I had. Shirley decided to contact Alvin Smolinski about the Delaplaine name to see if he had more information. Jane and the family headed back to their home in West Valley City, UT on Monday. They were in Twin Falls when we connected by cell phone. We will continue to keep in contact as we look for clues to the family history. It was a pleasure to spend time with the family and to share what information I had gathered.

The Weippe Hilltop Heritage Museum will hold a food and baked item sale this weekend. Members are asked to bring their items to the museum on Friday. Trish will be there from noon until 4 p.m.

The Wild Weippe Rodeo will take place on Saturday, Aug. 17 and Sunday, Aug. 18.

The parade will start at noon and the events at the rodeo ground will start at 2 p.m.

The Cowboy Breakfast will be held at the rodeo grounds on Sunday from 10 to 11 a.m.

Plan to come to Weippe this weekend for a fun time. See you there.

We visited with Steve Green on Sunday. His wife Carol is continuing to battle a health problem and we want to keep in touch with them.

Jean Bennett celebrated her birthday on Aug. 8. We visited on the telephone and wished her a Happy Birthday.

RoseAnna Thornton has moved to Orofino after selling the ranch she and Carl owned to Randy and Lauri Holibaugh. Keep in touch RoseAnna.

Donna and Danny Brown enjoyed a visit from their daughter, Danette and her family. They arrived on Monday, Aug. 5 and spent a week at the farm before returning to their home in Nampa last Monday. They went huckleberry picking on the North Fork on Wednesday and managed to gather enough for a pie. They spent a day swimming at the Bungalow and spend a day with Josh’s family in Pierce.

Happy Birthday Greetings go out to Kirk Grangewer on Aug. 24.

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