On the morning of Monday, Aug. 26 the Fraser Community woke up to an overnight temperature at the Schlader’s of 44 degrees. I checked with my day timer and noticed that over the past several weeks our temperatures have started to cool off. Does it feel like autumn has arrived early this year? We did get rain on Thursday; when we checked our gage it had measurement of 6/10th of an inch of rain in it. The wheat harvest was delayed until the moisture content was in range, but the windy conditions that came up helped dry things out.

The cooler temperatures have certainly had a negative effect on our garden. On Sunday, I cut back all the green stems on the tomato plants and removed the smaller fruit to encourage the larger ones to ripen. The pimento pepper plants have flowers but no fruit yet. The basil plants are doing ok; I dried the basil and have several containers of pesto in the freezer.

I visited with Donna Brown on Thursday; she had purchased a box of beautiful tomatoes from the Gibbs Outdoor Garden on Highway 12 on Wednesday. She plans on canning them for use during the winter. Before I returned home, I took a photo of her wagon in their front yard. This spring she planted Vista Bubble Gum Petunias in pink that she had purchased from Sherry’s shop on Lower Fords Creek Road. She planted fifteen plants and the result was absolutely gorgeous.

Our apple trees had an abundance of nice sized fruit this year. We picked both trees and are in the process of canning sauce and making pies.

Sarah Kinney has been taking orders for peaches; she will pick them up when the free stone peaches are ready.

On Tuesday, we stopped to visit with Steve O’Brien; he has been building a fence on his property to have a place to keep his two mules. The ground in this area has very little soil, so he has put in many hours digging the post holes. Steve offered to bring the line truck over and use the auger to drill the holes. As it turned out this job was even too much for that heavy equipment, so it was back to hand digging the rest of the holes for the barn. Steve wondered if the mules were worth the effort.

The memorial service for Judy Brandt’s husband, Dean, was held on Saturday, Aug. 24 at the Riverside Cemetery. Judy is a member of P.E.O. Chapter CD, many of her chapter joined family and friends for Dean’s service. His daughter, Alison, spoke of her memories of her father and then a number of relatives and friends talked about their experiences. Before we continued on our way we visited with Skip Brandt and his wife, Pia. Skip is the son of Dean’s brother, John. Dean will be remembered for his love of his family and his willingness to go the extra mile when his help was needed.

Recently Jean Bennett drove to Oregon to visit her family and to meet her first great granddaughter.

Thanks to Ron at the Computer Guys in Orofino for helping me with a problem, I was having with my Lap Top.

Happy Birthday Greetings go out to Dick Shedd on Sept. 6 and Corry Brown on Sept. 9.

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