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Celebration of Life for Robert Brown, August 7.

The Fraser Community elevation is 3000 plus feet above sea level. This elevation gives us some advantage at being cooler than our town of Orofino, but we have remained in the upper 90 degree range all of last week. The NOAA forecast is for cooler temperatures to arrive on Tuesday. While our gardens could still use the heat, we humans prefer any temperature below 90 degrees. I checked our thermometer at 9:30 p.m. Sunday night and it registered 86 degrees, which is too warm for me.

Our ceiling fans have saved us as we use Mother Nature to cool our house during the evening hours by opening up all the windows. In the morning when the inside and outside temperatures are the same we shut everything up. This works during the first several days of high heat, but then the inside of the house absorbs the heat. We take refuge under the ceiling fans and wait for cooler temperatures.

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