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Mike Green visits with Steve Brand in front of the Red Light Garage in Sept of 2010.

The weather on the first day of April was sunny and warm and the day time temperature climbed into the 60’s. The north facing hills in the wheat fields are still covered in snow, so there is still a lot of melt off to come as the weather continues to warm up. The Clearwater River is starting to rise as the creeks add their accumulation of run off to its flow. NOAA has predicted rain for the week ahead so enjoy the sunny weather while it is here.

Bev Bailey reported that the Annual Multi Family Indoor Yard Sale will take place at their shop on Three Mile Road on Saturday, April 6, from 9 a.m. until 12 noon.

There will be tables with items for sale. Sutton Farms and Artisans Jewelry will have their displays available. The Rowland family will have youth clothing for sale and Kim Fitz will have a table displaying her handmade items for the home. This year there will be a table with items for the guys. The shop will be nice and warm so plan on attending and visit with your neighbors while you make your selections. Call Bev at 208-435-4180 for more information.

The Fraser Ladies Get Together Club will hold their regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, April 10, at the Fraser Community center. The hostesses are Blanche Kinney and Donna Brown will fill in for her sister Jean bennet. The theme is Easter.

The Fraser Community Center Board will hold a meeting after the Club meeting on Wednesday, April 10.

Marie Armitage reported she attended the first meeting on the Clearwater County Fair Board in March. The members discussed items to be put on the agenda for the coming year.

Carol Skinner is continuing to work on organizing her late husband Randy’s things. She is thankful that she has some help with this daunting task.

I visited with Jerry Linville on Monday. He reported the big piles of snow are finally melting around their home on Thornton Road. He is enjoying the sunny days.

Mike Green had made plans for his Wallace Memorial Gathering before he passed away on March 12. He reserved the Wallace Elks Club and had everything in place for an Open Bar and food for everyone that attended. His brother Steve and his wife Carol followed through with the arrangements and reserved the Wallace Elks Club for Saturday, March 30 at 2 p.m.

Steve and I recalled the time in September of 2010 when we spent several days in Wallace and were given the tour of the town by Mike. That was the 100th year celebration of the “1910 Forest Fire” that burned over a huge part of Idaho and Montana. This fire blackened three million acres and destroyed one-third of the town of Wallace.

Mike’s home was on 1st Street was built in 1908 and is located in the part of the town that wasn’t destroyed in that fire.

Mike moved to Wallace when he was hired as the editor of the newspaper. The distinction of being the youngest editor in the state of Idaho didn’t last long as he was fired because of his integrity. He had lived in the town for over 40 years and knew the history of the area. His obituary described several important facts about his life.

When we arrived in Wallace on Saturday, March 30, we checked in at the Red Light Garage to get the key for our accommodations at the Hercules Inn.

After settling in, we walked over to the Elks club and met Mike’s friend Holly who was checking up on the arrangements. The gathering was to start at 2 p.m. so we decided to walk around the town.

The town of Wallace declared itself to be the “probabilistic” Center of the Universe because it was the “Silver Capital of the World”. The center image on the manhole cover is the Miner’s Memorial and the mining company stock symbols grace the perimeter.

It is a tribute to the mining industry in the Silver Valley, and is located in the center of the intersection of Bank and Sixth Street in the downtown area, now referred to as the “Center of the Universe”. Don’t’ miss the opportunity to visit this historic emblem the next time you are in Wallace.

When it was time to return to the Elks Club the party was well under way. We ordered our beverage of choice from the bar and enjoyed all the tasty food that had been prepared. The members of the Ladies Elks managed the food and cleared away the plates when they were empty.

The Green Family and extended family members visited with everyone. Several story boards with pictures of Mike’s life reminded everyone of the fun times he enjoyed.

Loretta Judd stopped at our table for a short visit. She shared a story about a letter her Aunt Marie Judd Green wrote to her many years ago about her recipe for Thanksgiving stuffing.

A tribute was given to Mike and his time in Wallace. His friends shared several experiences they had had with him.

One of his friends made a small casket from a barn wood board donated by Mike’s brother Steve. His friends had placed several items in it that reminded them of their friend and everyone was encouraged to write a note of farewell.

Eventually his remains will also be placed in the casket when he is interred at the Fraser Cemetery on Memorial Day weekend. Look for more information as the time gets closer.

Mike would be very pleased that his Memorial Celebration was well attended and that everyone there had a good time. His memory lives on.

He will be missed.

On our return trip from Wallace we decided to take Highway 3 to St. Maries. What a great road. It travels south with wet lands most of the way. A great number of Trumpeter Swans were in migration. They were joined by many different kinds of ducks. We were thrilled to see so many in the marshes along that highway.

Karen and Mark Fowler send Happy Birthday greetings to their grandson Conner Wasenburg on April 12.

Happy Birthday greetings go out to Jordan Dahl on April 15.

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