Rainbow Trout

Over 12,500 catchable-sized rainbow trout are being released at numerous locations by Clearwater Region Idaho Fish & Game.

The water is warming up and so are the fishing opportunities!

Grab your fishing rod, pack the cooler, and don’t forget your fishing license. Personnel from Idaho Fish and Game’s hatcheries in the Clearwater Region will be releasing over 12,500 catchable-sized rainbow trout at numerous locations throughout the Clearwater Region of Idaho during July. Fish on!

Following is the location, the date, and the amount of the stocking.

Elk Creek Reservoir, Jul 1-5, 3,000; Karolyns Pond, Jul 1-5, 800; Five Mile Pond, Jul 1-5, 700; Fenn Pond, July 1-5, 500; Powell Pond, Jul 1-5, 800;

Palouse River Pond, Jul 1-5, 500; Deer Creek Reservoir, July 8-12, 2,100; Dworshak Reservoir, Jul 8-12, 2,100; and Campbells Pond, Jul 8-12, 2,000.

Check out the fish planner page for directions to these locations and a list of fish species in each water body.

Also, check out the fish stocking page for past and upcoming stocking information! Remember to have fun and be safe out on the water!

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