As the water heats up, so does the catch rates at most of our local lakes, reservoirs and ponds.  Despite COVID-19, Idaho Fish and Game continues to stock the same locations in the Clearwater Region that have traditionally received fish. Check the historical fish stocking page for more information. 

Locations in the

Clearwater region to be stocked in time for

Memorial Day weekend include:

Mann Lake (Lewiston), Kiwanis Park Pond (Lewiston), Lake Waha (S. of Lewiston), Robinson Pond (Kamiah), Hordemann Pond (Moscow), Spring Valley Reservoir (Troy), Long Gulch Pond Riggins), Tolo Lake (Grangeville), Campbells’s Pond (Pierce), Deyo Reservoir (Weippe), and Winchester Lake (Winchester) .

Make sure to do your homework before you leave the house this weekend, especially if you plan to camp. For example, Idaho State Parks won’t open for camping until May 30. Many state parks day-use fishing areas will still be open to access. Winchester Lake State Park is one of the most popular areas in our region. Fishing for rainbow trout, which are planted regularly by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game is the most fished for species at Winchester. Fishing for perch, Tiger Muskie, bass, and bluegill are also popular. The lake provides excellent nutrients and supports large populations of all four species. Small boats are allowed; gasoline engines are not.

Most of Fish and Game’s recreation sites remain open, and no fishing seasons have been closed due to COVID-19. The Idaho Fish and Game Commission approved resuming sales of nonresident licenses, tags, and permits sale beginning May 16. The decision was aligned with Governor Brad Little’s revised guidance for Stage two reopening of Idaho, which includes relaxing the 14-day self-quarantine for people entering Idaho.

If you haven’t bought your resident Idaho fishing license yet, Fish and Game is recommending that you do it online, and here’s how to buy a fishing license with your smart phone or mobile device while you›re in the field and need one immediately, and you can go fishing immediately after buying. 

If you’re new to fishing, or new to Idaho, check out the Idaho Fishing Seasons and Rules book. 

Keep COVID-19 in mind

As noted earlier, this spring and summer will different than in the past due efforts to reduce people contracting or spreading COVID-19. Fish and Game worked with the Governor’s office and several agencies to help provide some guidelines to recreate responsibly during COVID-19.  Memorial Day weekend is a great time to break out the fishing rods and take your family fishing!  Contact the Clearwater Regional office for more information (208) 799-5010.

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