Down Memory Lane - Cheerful Log Buyers

CHEERFUL LOG BUYERS – Doubling both as buyers and sellers these local lumbermen gave strong financial aid to Orofino Lumberjack Days in auctions Saturday. Back row: Hal Andrus, Joe Richardson, Cecil Andrus, Ron Johnston; front row: Don Ponozzo, Tim Waide of Potlatch Forests Inc., Andrew Konkol and Alph Johnson. L. Cardiff and John Crockett, both participants, were not shown. Clearwater Tribune, Sept. 24, 1959

10 years – Sept. 24, ‘09

Duke Day has been proclaimed in Weippe. A gala celebration will commemorate the legacy of Weippe and its founder Wellington “the Duke” Landon.

Landon homesteaded what became Weippe and he founded the city when he filed a platting for Weippe Town site Dec. 30, 1892. *

20 years – Sept. 23, ‘99

Local men also competed in the Men’s Tug of War contests. The Debco team defeated the U. S. Forest Service team for the second time in two years. Then the Debco team accepted an unofficial challenge from Mangum’s Construction for another duel, Debco also won that contest. *

30 years – Sept. 28, ‘89

One hundred guests were present at the Clearwater County Senior Citizens Center when their mortgage literally went up in smoke. Fire Chief Leonard Eckman and Bob Loll were standing by with the city fire truck in case they were needed, after presenting the group with a special burning permit. *

A dream is coming true for Lillie Thiessen. Excavation began on the ground which will eventually hold the White Pine Motel, one-half block north of the Ponderosa Café. *

40 years – Sept. 27, ‘79

Orofino City Council members voted to raise sanitation rates 25 percent, the first increase in three years. This would raise a single family dwelling collection fee to three dollars per month. *

Unless weather conditions change and storms move into the region this week, September will show the lowest rainfall in 21 years according to Forest Service records. *

50 years – Sept. 25, ‘69

Completion date for the Orofino Convalescent center located just north of the Northside Medical Center on Ahsahka Road has been set for the middle of October. Construction of the 60 bed center was started last spring. It is owned by Ralph and Gertrude Guthrie of Spokane, who also own facilities at Spokane and St. Maries. *

Among the most popular exhibits at the Clearwater County Fair is the flower section. Receiving Orofino Flower Shop special awards were Mrs. Gilbert Mattson, Mrs. Thelma Blake, and Mrs. John Dougan.

Mrs. Blake placed 36 entries in the various lots of the flower section and took home 25 blue ribbons for her efforts. She had 52 entries in the fair as a whole. *

60 years – Sept. 24, ‘59

Dr. Myrick W. Pullen is negotiating with two doctors to implement the now inadequate medical staff at Hospital North. He said that fire control equipment has been received and that the state department of public works is moving ahead to release funds for completion of the $300,000 improvement plan. The work will likely include remodeling of the old “Night Quarters”, and razing of the long condemned wing of the old “A” building. *

70 years – Sept. 29, ‘49

New ordinances provide for plumbing installation permits and inspection which will be issued by Roy Bacharach, city superintendent. Electrical permits are also a new innovation for the city and will be issued on all jobs in the city by the city clerk’s office. *

The beautiful pageant produced at Memorial park by the Nez Perce Indians is believed to have broken the all-time record for attendance in Orofino, when approximately 1,800 turned out. The record however, was short lived. It was broken the next afternoon when an estimated 2,000 gathered to view the lumberjack contests. Estimated fair attendance Friday was 3,000, Saturday about 4,000, and Sunday, about 4,200. *

80 years – Sept. 29, ‘39

J. R. Ayers, Hover, Wash., who has pastured sheep on the Clearwater national forest since 1923, trailed three bands through Orofino en route to winter range in the Kennewick-Pasco country of Washington. The bands contained about 4,000 head of ewes. Mr. Ayers said he shipped 2,750 lambs and 1,050 old ewes from Rivulet, Montana in August to the Chicago market. Range this summer was just fair, because of extreme dryness, and lambs were not up to their usual standard.

C. O. Portfors left today for Seattle to view the new 1940 model Ford cars. If available he will drive one home, but expects to have them on display in his showroom Oct. 6. *

90 years – Sept. 20, ‘29

Licenses for 851 cars and 179 trucks have been sold in Clearwater County as of Sept. 1, 1929, according to Frank Gaffney, county assessor, who is in charge of this work. In addition to these one motor cycle, six dealers, 15 chauffeur’s licenses and one transfer have been sold for a total revenue of $16,766.70. *

There will be at least two complete shows at the Rex Theatre tonight according to manager J. H. Miller. The first sound picture ever to be run in Orofino will occur at this time. The feature is “The Pagan” which has music and singing synchronized with the picture and there will be a two-reel all talking comedy in addition. *

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