Down Memory Lane - 2009 OCI Royalty

The 2009 Orofino Celebration Inc. (OCI) Royalty invite everyone to this year’s Orofino Fair and Lumberjack Days. This year’s event is planned for Sept. 17, 18, 19 and 20 with the popular Lumberjack Days logging show set for Sunday, Sept. 20 at the logging arena in the Orofino City Park. OCI Royalty are (l to r) First Princess Theresa Sykes, Queen Whitney Rales and Second Princess Shay Riener.

10 years –Sept. 10, 2009

Caren Adams, co-owner of Atkinson Distributing, has designed this year’s attractive Lumberjack Days logo, and it appears printed on the clothing, and in some cases, is embroidered. The colors are luscious – pumpkin, safe dusty blues, bright pinks. It really is hard to choose which one you like best. *

20 years –Sept. 9, 1999

“Just over half a century ago, thousands of brave young man and women saved a world from tyranny and oppression.” Among those was Gordon Larson of Orofino.

Larson was highlighted in Tom Brokaw’s book, The Greatest Generation.

Larson says he went out a “kid” and came back a “man”. He said he would not take a million dollars for the experience, but would not give a nickel to do it over. Larsen said he has more respect for life because he lost so many buddies and did not think he would make it back himself. *

30 years-Sept. 14, 1989

“Roger scratched the ticket and handed it to me and said ‘Gin read this one.’

Ginger Leach of Leaches’ Tequics and Stuff said, “I screeched when I read the ticket. Roger’s the quiet one. I’m the noisy one.”

The Leaches plan to use the money won Saturday to pay off remaining medical bills on their son, Tod Fisbeck. Tod was injured in football practice at Orofino High School last fall, and as a result of the injury his leg was amputated from below the knee. *

40 years–Sept. 13, 1979

History minded loggers will view the Orofino Lumberjack parade Saturday with a special interest when they see the restoration of an old Camp T Flume “man hail sleigh” built at Headquarters about 45 to 50 years ago.

Tom Farbo, time fire staff officer for the Clearwater Forest has headed the project to restore the old sale discovered in 1978 by Mel Bryant while hunting at the head of Elkberry Creek. *

50 years–Sept. 11, 1969

The transfer of C. Gary Asker, from Orofino to the position of assistant manager of the Idaho First National Bank’s Lewis-Clark office in Lewiston, and the naming of Gerald W. Nichols to the post of assistant manager at Orofino, was announced this week by Wm. E. Irvin, president of The Idaho First National Bank. *

60 years-Sept. 10, 1959

Orofino Kiwanis Club was host to a district meeting with a dinner for nearly 60 members and wives at the VFW building Tuesday.

Pacific Northwest District Governor Joe Eppler and Mrs. Eppler were honored guest and he gave the principal talk on the organization’s activities and objectives. He cited the recent objectives. He cited the recent explosion disaster at Roseburg, OR and the spontaneous efforts of Kiwanians of the northwest who raised $15,000 to alleviate distress in the stricken community. *

70 years–Sept. 8, 1949

Nine operators and four maintenance men members of the I.B.E.W. Union Local 77 went on strike here Monday as part of the system wide walkout affecting all Interstate Telephone company exchanges.

S.E. Johnston, company president, at Spokane said that the union demand that all employees be forced to join the union was one of the chief causes for the strike. *

80 years–Sept. 15, 1939

The state and county tax for 1939 on property of Clearwater County will be 34.3 cents on each $100 of valuation more than for the year 1938, according to figures compiled by the board of county commissioners Tuesday at the regular Sept. meeting.

Last year the state and county levy came to $2.00 for each $100 of valuation, $1.70 for the county and 30 cents for the state. This year the two levies come to $2.343, $1.65 for the county and69.3 for the state. *

90 years–Sept. 13, 1929

State and county tax levies for the year 1929 for all purposes were fixed by the board of county commissioers in regular Sept. session here Monday, the time set aside by law for this purpose. All members of the board were present.

According to the state auditor’s certificate filed with County Auditor Joseph Kauggman last week, Clearwater County is charged with $60,904.92 state taxes for 1929 which requires a levy of 62 cents on every $100 of valuation on the county tax rolls. This is $4,527.94 more than for 1928 when a levy of 56 cents was made.

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