Down Memory Lane - Greer

This is a photograph of early day Greer looking down the main street. On the left is Means and Ball General Dealers and a drug store. On the right is Erb Bros. General Store. From Clearwater Tribune, Oct. 7, 1999.

10 years – Oct. 1, 2009

Orofino’s Chief of Police, Jeff Wilson likes the “personalization” of policing in the town in which he was raised. He was born and raised in Orofino, graduate of OHS, and is raising his family in this community.

He served a year in 1996 on the Lewiston police force, but was pleased to come back to Orofino. Since that time his training, duties, and responsibilities have increased dramatically.

Wilson was promoted to Sergeant in 2000. In 2007, he was appointed Chief of Police. During that time he has declined opportunities to work in larger cities—preferring the kind of life we are able to enjoy in Orofino. “It’s a lot different to live in the city you police,” Jeff said, “You get to know people and the community norms.”

20 years –Oct. 7, 1999

Greer’s Centennial celebration will be this Saturday.

In 1877, Colonel James Craig and Jacob Schultz built a ferry to accommodate travel to the Oro Fino mines near Pierce. Various people operated the ferry until it was destroyed in the Nez Perce Indian war. John Greer and John Molloy acquired possession of the historic ferry in the fall of 1877. Greer subsequently purchased Molloy’s interest and became sole owner.

The settlement of Greer dates back to 1899, when the railroad came to the Clearwater Valley. John Greer formed a partnership with John Dunn and platted the town site on the north forty acres of his homestead. Seventeen acres were later added to make the town site 57 acres. *

30 years – Oct. 12, 1989

Dr. Rick Lundgren of the Vision Arts Center is going to write and submit a column to the Clearwater Tribune pertaining to vision and eye health on a regular basis.

Many people ask Dr. Lundgren if he is related to the movie star Dolph Lundgren. To the best of his knowledge he is not related. *

40 years – Oct. 11, 1979

Orofino City Council members heard department reports and reviewed progress on several city projects when they met Tuesday night.

Firemen responded to eight fires during the past month including five vehicle fires. Three of the fires were kitchen blazes and one was a gas spill from an automobile accident.

Eleven building permits were issued with a total valuation of $181,572.92. These included three new houses and a trailer house for a value of $98,512.92. One non-residential remodeling at Clearwater Valley Hospital is valued at a total of $55,000, and five additions or alternations were valued at a total of $27,360. A permit for shed or garage placed valuation at $500. *

50 years –Oct. 9, 1969

Clearwater County Commissioners have authorized the comprehensive planning commission to begin preparing a zoning resolution for the county.

This action was prompted by increased movement of people into the area from more populated regions of the county and the resulting need to provide for more orderly development of the county. *

60 years – Oct. 8 1959

First showing of the new 1960 cars in Orofino was at Frank Gaffney Chevrolet last Friday with a great many visitors taking special interest in the initial model of the small car to make its American debut.

The new Corsair attracted unusual interest with its rear end motor and coil springs reports Frank Gaffney, dealer.

This week the two other major dealer lines were ready to show cars with Johnson Motors showing the new small Falcon and the 1960 Ford at its big model presentation today.

Hanson Garage, announced K. E, Hanson, owner, was waiting for the shipment of a new Dart which is scheduled to arrive for the event this week-end. Hanson hope to have, not only the new smaller Dodge, but also to have the regular Dodge and Chrysler cars and Dodge Trucks on display. *

70 years – Oct. 13, 1949

At a service beginning at 3 p.m. Sunday, the mortgage on the Orofino Church of the Nazarene will be burned. The Rev. E. E. Zachary, district superintendent, will deliver an address commemorating the occasion.

The Church of the Nazarene, situated on the corner of Michigan Avenue and F Street, was started early in 1938 and after three years of hard work and sacrifice on the part of its members and the Rev. and Mrs. Ray A Kellom, the large gray stucco structure was completed in April 1941. For almost two years services had been held in a small wooden building which was placed over the basement that had been built for the new larger church. The Kelloms did much of the work on the church themselves. *

80 years – Oct. 13, 1939

Ingvart Hansen, a resident of Clearwater County since 1906, passed away at his farm home in Harmony Heights.

Mr. Hansen was born in Denmark, January 15, 1872 and was 67 years, 8 months and 23 days old. He came to the United States in the spring of 1891 and settled at Clinton, IA, where he followed the railroad construction contracting.

A year after his arrival there he was united in marriage to Hansine Nielsen, also a native of Denmark. He became a citizen of the United States through naturalization and served with our forces during the Spanish-American war.

Following their marriage the couple moved to Spokane WA, from which place Mr. Hansen made several trips into this county and finally took up a homestead at Grangemont in 1906. He relinquished this to accept a position as superintendent of the old lime kiln here, the ruins of which are still in evidence below the O.D. Crockett residence on Johnson Ave. hill.

After quitting the lime business Mr. Hansen went into the ice business. He cut ice from the river and stored it in a large warehouse, located at the time just south of where the Methodist Church now stands.

During his spare time he did construction work and contract moving. Starting in 1914 he moved about 50 Indian houses and the present Indian Church at Ahsahka from where the present Potlatch Forests, Inc. pole yard is, across the railway tracks to their present sites. He also moved numerous houses in Orofino and other communities of the county.

For several years he leased from the Day Brothers a tract of land from D street east to the cement plant. This was covered with timber at the time. Mr. Hansen cleared the land and raised sugar cane three years on the property and made money doing it at the time. In 1910 he built the first brick structure in Pierce, the old school house, making the brick on the ground.

The family lived there until 1917 and then moved to a ranch seven miles east of town in the community now known as Harmony Heights. He sided there to the present. *

90 years – Oct. 11, 1929

The Bank of Orofino has just installed one of the very latest models of automatic posting machines at a considerable cash outlay considering the size of the machine. It has almost human intelligence and not as liable to err as a human.

The principal new feature of the machine is an addition of three adding wheels, which as the checks and deposits are put in the statement sheets and ledgers, carries a total of the check, the deposits and the new balances which goes away with the former necessity of totaling these after the posting work is completed.

With the new machine the figures are placed on a tape and those on the statements are carbon copies. These tapes are then used to check from and if the totals carried by the machine are the same in the two operations, the work is proved in a much more simple manner than formerly when all the totals had to be called. The machine is a time saver. *

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