Down Memory Lane - Konkols fountain frozen

SURE SIGN THAT WINTER IS NOT FAR AWAY is when the fountain in the front yard of Mrs. Bernice Konkol in Konkolville freezes into huge icicles. Nighttime temperatures have been dropping to the teens, while it has been near zero in the upper country. Clearwater Tribune, Nov. 16, 1978

10 years Nov. 13, 2008

No one gave the Maniacs much of a chance this year for a number of reasons: it was their first year in the 3A, they were the smallest school in the 3A, they had a junior quarterback, they lacked size, they lacked speed, they lacked depth and they lacked experience. Still, this team turned all this around and ended up champions of the 3A Intermountain League and made every 3A team in the state take notice.

20 years – Nov. 12, 1998

Winter came to Fraser with a vengeance this past weekend, and we got “some snow” – about eight to 10 inches. Even more than Weippe or Pierce, which is unusual.

Snow on the mountaintops means a new ski season at Bald Mountain. Over the summer and fall volunteers have been working on the hill, improving and creating.

“Face” run has been reworked…The “T” bar line at tower six was rebuilt.

30 years – Nov. 17, 1988

Sixty-two fish were weighed, 208 tickets were sold at the door for the ball and between 300 and 350 people fished during the ISSU Steelhead Derby and Ball at Orofino.

Jason Speight, 16, is a newly enrolled junior student at Orofino High School. Jason, from Bathurst in New South Wales, is a guest in the home of Cathie and Rudy Alonzo.

40 years – Nov. 16, 1978

Senator James McClure and Steve Symms carried Clearwater County in the November election, marking the first shift in 42 years from the solid Democratic endorsement accorded to Senate and Congressional offices.

The Wallace Miners exploded Orofino’s dreams of a state football championship when they defeated the maniacs 54-0 in the state A-2 quarterfinal game played at Silverton, home field of the Miners. The game was played under conditions only an Eskimo might enjoy with the turf frozen, temperature at 16 degrees, and 20 to 30 mile per hour winds on occasion dropping the chill factor to near zero.

50 years – Nov. 14, 1968

The new consolidated Pierce-Weippe high school will be named Timberline on suggestion of the patrons. Colors and Mascot will be worked out by the student body officers and the administration, with Principal George Hinds assisting.

Orofino High School’s Dramatic Department presented five plays to standing room only audiences. Mrs. Norma Farmer was director. Selected for awards were: Lauri Montgomery – best actress; Dave Beck – best actor; Steve McGill – runner-up actor; Bev Reber – runner-up actress; Janet McGee and Steve Fuller – best supporting actress and actor.

60 years – Nov. 13, 1958

Red Cross blood drive saw 97 pints of blood donated with 11 donors not accepted.

Idaho School Trustees recommended the adoption of a state sales tax and approved a resolution asking for a percentage increase in the state Minimum Education program equal to that granted by the last legislature at their annual convention in Lewiston.

70 years – Nov. 18, 1948

An approaching truck with no headlights forced Clifford Johnston to drive his pickup truck over an embankment to the edge of the Clearwater river below Lenore. Rather than collide with the truck, Johnston swerved to the left and off the highway when it rolled down a 25 foot embankment. Johnston was treated for gashed chin and his passenger Henry Snyder was not injured.

A woods worker at O-Mill was killed instantly by a Camas Prairie logging train when he apparently fell asleep on the railroad tracks. E. H. Farence, 51, was walking from Pierce to the mill and had apparently stopped to rest and fell asleep.

80 years – Nov. 18, 1938

The high school will enjoy the first of a series of assembly programs when they are entertained by Jim Thorpe. One of America’s greatest all-around athletes. Thorpe comes to Orofino as one of the outstanding features of this year’s National Assemblies circuit.

Edward Gaffney, re-elected as state representative, displayed his best republican smile last Thursday, while being wheeled up and down Johnson Avenue in a wheel barrow by Loren (Pick) Snyder in payment of an election bet involving outcome of Idaho’s governorship race. Ed carried a large placard bearing the legend, “Pick made a bad bet. Bott Won.”

90 years – Nov. 16, 1928

Under the name of “Bob’s Melody Boys,” a new group of home talent music has been organized for playing for dances. This orchestra is led by R. E. Enscoe, who has been the leader of orchestra here for a number of years.

Mrs. D. B. Tyra, proprietor of the Home Laundry announced the last active date of business and following that she would retire. Mrs. Tyra has handled this business successfully for almost 10 years in quitting the field she wishes to thank her patrons for their splendid support.

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